We're Back

So last year we decided to go away for the holidays, and thats what we did for Christmas this year we went away to Orlando. We left Sunday at 5 in the morning which was good the kids slept the entire way there. We did not have to stop, we made it to Orlando in less then 3 hours.

This is Anthony's face when we were getting to Disney World he was looking at the entrance which is a big arch were they have a Mickey, Minnie and Donald Duck.
We went to Epcot that day, it was Ok, not a park to take kids, I should have known since I have been there but Jose wanted to go there rather than Animal Kingdom. Anthony did get to meet ALL the characters Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, and Goofy and he loved it. It was hilarious to see him in the line to meet them and take pictures, he was like an obsessed fan, crying and screaming for Mickey and holding on to the pole while I was pulling him away to continue in the line. Then when we finally got to Mickey he was in total shock he was just staring at him in disbelief. It was the funniest thing I have ever seen.

Christmas Eve we spent it at Magic Kingdom and it was amazing the weather was perfect the decorations looked beautiful. We saw the Christmas Parade and the Night Christmas show which both were very pretty and Anthony enjoyed it very much. Every time he saw a Disney character his eyes would light up.

We did not go on any rides because the lines were just to long and Anthony would not appreciate them any way, but Anthony did play in two playgrounds, one by Mickey Mouse's House and the other was Pooh's house which in both he had a blast. The park was actually going to be open till 1 am but we were just to tired and left at about 8 pm.

We had Christmas dinner at a Denny's close to the Hotel, and that was a mess it took forever, they were short staffed.
Anyway Christmas Day we spent it a Sea World and that was a lot of fun. I had made reservations to have lunch Backstage of the Believe show which is the one with Shamu the Killer whale. That was pretty cool the tank is right next to you and you could see the whale. I wanted to do something nice for Christmas for all of us to enjoy. After that we got to see the Shamu show from reserve sitting, seats weren't to bad.

They had a giant playground we kids could play and a place were kids could play in the water. Which of course Anthony played in for a every long time, we left that park at about 6pm. On Wednesday we did not do much we spent the day at Downtown Disney and did some shopping, and then hung out at the hotel at night and watched Ratatouille the newest movie to our collection. On Thursday we decided to go to Kennedy Space Center. It was manly for Jose he waned to got there and look around and they had a simulated launch which Jose went on I did not go I stayed behind with the kids that were sleeping. After we did that we came home and that was the end of our holiday vacation. Now back to reality I am NOT looking forward to New Years we are already being torn between the two families. AHHH! I just wish we would move away so that I wouldn't have to deal with this ridiculous issues about who spends what time with who.


Happy Holidays!!

This is hilarious.


My days are NEVER boring.

Where do I begin today when I was making breakfast, I noticed that both of the kids where very quiet but I did think much of it. When I got to the living room it was a whole different story. Anthony had gotten to the corn starch. It was pretty much every where, the floor, the sofa, Gaby and even the cat, but I couldn't get a picture of him.

That's Gaby trying to reach the corn starch to eat it.

On Monday Anthony took half of the Christmas balls out of the tree and put them in Gaby's play pen with her in it. She was having a blast with the Christmas balls. When I was taking them out to put them back on the tree she started crying hysterically, all because I would let her eat them. She had glitter everywhere on her face.

This is her crying with glitter all over her face.


It's been a while

A lot has happened since the last time I blogged. Gaby turned 6 months old, Anthony is driving me crazy most of the day and me and my mother don't talk at all, anyway. Gaby is doing great she is moving around, she kind of crawls, its more of scooting around similar to what Anthony used to do. She is smiling a lot and I love when I tickle her, her laugh is the best thing ever. Anthony has a new obsession its Mickey Mouse. Which is good because we are going to Disney World for Christmas.

Anyway Halloween was ok it rained here so I got stuck with a bunch of candy, but we did take the kids Trick or Treating at the Mall and to the neighbors that wanted to see their costumes. Gaby was Princess Leia and Anthony was Darth Vader, they looked great.

Anthony loves music and any time he sees dad listening to the IPOD he wants to listen to it. I have to find a music class of any kind and see if he'll like it.

He has been pretty good, he is talking a lot. Puts words together to make sentences, but I think I am the only one that can understand most of the time. I can't believe all the things he says and does, he is growing up so fast. I am so glad that I can stay home with both of my kids and enjoy every moment with them, even thought it is not great all the time. The good days make it all worth it.


We're Back!

Yes we are back, Home Sweet Home. The trip did not start how we expected it but hey at least we survived 5 day out of the country with the kids. To start off, on Thursday we woke up late, then when we went to the Airport the Airline (Spirit) made us pay for Anthony, even though I called back in April when we bought our tickets and asked if he had to pay full price or just taxes, the retard on the other line said No, both of the kids just have to pay for taxes. What sucks the most is that we paid more for Anthony's ticket then Jose's and mine combined. Then when we got to Costa Rica it just got worst the Airline LOST the kids luggage, everything we had for them was gone. I mean everything the outfits for the wedding, shoes, pj's, everything, I had to buy them new cloths, because there are no little kids in the family except for my kids. Then when we get there it turned out that we had to stay at my grandmothers house because my cousin apartment had issues with the hot water and that was another thing I did not want to do because my grandmother has major issues, I would write about it but I could spend ALL day on it. Then every time I would ask how to get to the bus, to go outside the city, to the beach or a volcano, my mother especially, wanted to freak us out and tell us that we would get mugged or stabbed which is not true. She just wanted to mess with our plans, I don't know why maybe she was mad or jealous of the cool things that we wanted to do. Anyway besides ALL that we had a pretty good time, Friday we did a coffee tour, Saturday we went to the wedding. After the wedding Jose and his sister and her boyfriend went to the Pacific Ocean. I stayed back because it was a 3 hour bus ride and I did not want to do that with the kids to stay at the beach for a couple of hours and then come back. I stayed back and talk to a friend of mine that actually moved to Costa Rica 3 years ago and we got together and spoke for hours she met the kids and spent the night with us. The next day the 4 and my friend went to the capital walked around and bought some souvenirs,while Jose sister and her boyfriend went to a Volcano. Then on Monday we went to a National Park and did the Canopy thing and a Sky Bucket which was pretty cool and walked around the park. When we got back from that The Airline called my aunt told her that the bag was found and that we could pick it up, but it was to late then since we were leaving Tuesday anyway. We just asked for our bag when we were at the ticket counter. It turned out that the bag was at Fort Lauderdale airport for 2 days and then it was sent to the Dominican Republic and then to Costa Rica. So I am going to call our friend who is an attorney and have her write a letter about the whole ordeal and see if maybe we get get some our money back. I will NEVER fly with Spirit Airlines ever again.

The Family on the Sky Bucket.

The view from the Sky Bucket.

Eating after our Coffee Tour.

That's me, I was very scared.

Jose on the canopy.

The main reason we went to Costa Rica, my cousin's Wedding. It was beautiful.

The wedding was at a Amusement park, on a part of the park call Pueblo Antiguo, meaning Old Town. It supposed to be how Costa Rica used to look like back in the day. It had everything there a little Market which is were the reception was held and they had a City Hall i mean everything you would find in a town they had it there even a train.


The things that come out of my 2 year old's mouth

We are sitting down on the sofa watching The Dailey Show with Jon Stewart, and Jose says "Gaby just took a really big crap." Anthony says "Holy Crap", then we are quiet again and I mentioned to Jose that Jennifer Lopez is pregnant Anthony answer "REALLY?". I love my monkey doodle, he makes me laugh all the time, sometimes I can not believe the things that come out of his mouth.


Every Busy

This weekend was non-stop. Saturday I had a Baby Shower at 9:30 am, then at 2pm we had a kid's birthday party in Jupiter which is about 1 hour away, then a 7pm we had Jose's Party for his 10 year High School reunion, which was a Black Tie affair, but luckily the party was close to my moms house, so we got ready there and left the kids there. On Sunday we had the 10 year High School reunion picnic, which was also my moms birthday. I also had to do all the laundry because we are leaving on Thursday to go to Costa Rica which I am really excited about, since this time we are ALL going, including Jose's sister and her boyfriend. The main reason we are going is because my cousin is getting married on Saturday. I have to pick up the house before we leave because I hate to come back from vacation to a messy house. do have all the outfits for the kids and mine but now I have to actually put it in the luggage. All I really want to do is sleep, I am so exhausted.


Lucky 5

Yesterday Gaby turned 5 months old and it was also our 5 year anniversary. If you would have told me 5 years ago that this would be my life I would have laughed, especially the part were we have 2 kids. To tell you the truth we weren't planning on having kids for a long time, but I am not complaining, I am very happy with my life. Anyway we did not exchange gifts since next week we are going to Costa Rica I rather use that money and spend it over there, but we did go out to to dinner. "A" took the kids so that Jose and I could enjoy a nice dinner at The Melting Pot it a fondue restaurant. I have to say I give this restaurant two thumbs up. It was delicious, we started with a cheese fondue, I also had Yin and Yang drink, actually 2, which was delicious, we had caesar salads, then for our main course we had Mojo Style cooking, we chose Fondue fusion which had lobster, steak, chicken, pork, ravioli, rigatoni, and fresh veggies. It was delicious and you can not forget dessert. By the time dessert came I was stuffed, really really stuffed, but we continued to eat, we chose Chocolate S'mores OH MY GOD is all I have to say, it was so good, no GREAT, for dippers we got marshmallows covered with graham cracker and some with Oreo cookies, there was also strawberries, brownies, rice crispes, pound cake, and a delicious cheesecake. The restaurant is a little pricey but it was so worth it. So if you guys have one near you should definitely try it out.



Healthy Kids

This was at Chuck E Cheese the other day with his little cousin.

This is Gaby being cute like always.

Today I took both of our children to the Dr. for wells check up Anthony is 32 1/2 lb I think he is 35 inches tall, the Dr said he looks great and to continue to do whatever it is that I am doing. Gaby is 15lbs and measures 25 inches, she is also doing very well for her age. I asked the Dr about giving her cereal, food and etc, because my mother keeps nagging me to give her food now, but the Dr said that only if I feel it is necessary, which I don't think it is, she is the the high percentile for her age and she is not complaining so I will not start food until she is 6 months, or starts eating more often.



I swear I have memorized the movie Cars, I know every line, and every song in the freaking movie, thanks to my 2 year old. It all started yesterday, when he saw a commercial with Lightning McQueen, I do not have the movie here its actually at my mothers house and to top it off Jose took my car which has Monkey doodles car seat in it. I tried to entertain him with some other shows I tried Mickey Mouse, Barney, and Pooh nothing worked he kept bring the remote control to me and "Carro (car in spanish) rvmm rvmm!" He was not buying it, I knew he liked cars but I did not know that it was this much. So I called my lifesaver, my friend and neighbor, to ask if she would go buy one for him, and it turned out that she had one but it was in her husband truck but the good thing is that he works down the street. I thought it was pretty funny that they have that movie since they have no kids. anyway...... I SWEAR I have seen it 5 times TODAY and I have been out of the house most of the day. 'sigh' Every time the movie finishes Anthony ask to replay it. I have that song from Rascal Flatts "Life is a Highway" stuck in my head.

Don't get me wrong like this group but when you hear the same song ALL DAY LONG it is bound to make you crazy. Enjoy!!


Yes it is over.....

So we survived this weekend I have to say that I am very proud of the party, and also HAPPY BIRTHDAY MONKEY DOODLE !! I really have to thank my friend and neighbor "A" for helping me out, and my sister for picking up Anthony and taking him so that I could finish the last minute things for the party.
I wasn't sure about the weather because it rained all week long. We woke up at 6 am to get things started and set up. When we got to the club house the weather was muggy but I was optimistic and after an hour or two it was nice but right before the guest were supposed to be showing up we looked across the lake it was coming right toward us, a bad thunder storm. I thought that the party would be over people might think it was not going to happen, it was a POOL party, you can not have a pool party if it is raining, but after 30 minutes of bad rain and wind it was all over and the weather was perfect, really the day was great, it was the perfect day for the BBQ and to be at the pool.

Anthony enjoyed every minute of it. We had about 55 people almost everyone that RSVP were there.

We even had a party crasher.

We took lots of pictures but we uploaded them to the laptop and it is acting up so I will but them on when we figure it out.
I started to write this post on Sunday, I think I should finish it. So I just have to say that I was very happy with how everything turned out, I can't believe that we have a 2 year old, it feels like just yesterday that he was this little bitty thing and now he can do most thing on his own.


9 days

That is it 9 more days till my Doodle turns 2 years old. Man, I getting old. ANYWAY.....Well pretty much everything is done for his party the only things missing is drinks and food, which can be done the day of or before. The cake has been ordered, its all Cars theme, which he loves. I am amazed on how many people we invited over 80 people, which more than 40% is just family, the rest are friends that we can not invite or we would not stop hearing it. I have sent out 42 invitations, thats insane. It is like I was inviting people for a wedding. I don't think I had this many people invited to our wedding. Monkey Doodle is doing so well, you can tell that he is about to be in the terrible 2 stage, it has already started, and can you believe that he talks back. He amazes me everyday. I have a dilemma Our guest are asking what to get Anthony, and to tell you the truth I don't know what to tell them. He has plenty of toys , really and I just recently went to Macy's and went crazy because they had a great sell on clothes, so he doesn't need clothes. Is it bad to tell them to give them a gift card or certificate or money since he does have a savings account. What would you do? please comment.


Almost 2

23days and counting down till Monkey Doodle turns 2. I can't believe it, time is just going so fast. I am so excited about his party we are having it at a clubhouse that has a pool and a playground. I figured we do it there were everyone can enjoy themselves. My mom wanted to do it at chuck e cheese but we have a lot of friends that don't have kids, so this is much better plus it was free, you can't get any better than that. I had his invitations made on Shutterfly, with a picture of him in the front. They'll come in next week hopefully by sept 9th. He is talking a lot and repeats every thing we say. He is starting to put words together to make small sentences in Spanish, in English he knows words but since I speak to him in Spanish he communicates better in it, and so does everyone else, and even my neighbor who does not speak Spanish is learning Spanish with him, I think thats really neat.

Now about Gaby....she is sooooooooooo cute. She is cooing more and giggles if you tickle her. She pushes her body up with her arms, and also turns around so maybe soon she'll start crawling. She is 3 1/2 months old and loves to sleep on our bed. She sleeps through the night but in the mornings when I feed her, I'll sometimes feed her in our bed and she'll sleep for about another 5 hours, waking up at about 11:30 am. She also starting to hold toys in her hand and recognizes our faces and gives us this great big smiles, that I just love.



This is probably the weirdest thing I have ever done since Gaby was born. Anthony had to go potty, and as he was sitting there Gaby woke up hungry, so she was crying at the top of her lungs. So I told Anthony to stay put on the toilet, and I picked up Gaby went back to the bathroom and breast fed her while sitting on the bathroom sink. The sucky part was that I was there for 15 minutes and Anthony did not do anything.


Minty Fresh

Wow, it has been a long time since I have blogged but it just crazy here at home with the kids. Last Saturday we decided to get out of the house, and we ended up in Key Largo. We did a lot first we went to Jose's friends house to have a Graduation lunch and then we drove to Miami to Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, its a very beautiful. Anyway when we got to Key Largo we stopped at a gas station to wait for Jose's sister, that was diving there, to go to dinner. I smelled mint gum and I thought it was Jose chewing gum. I noticed that Anthony was playing with paper with I wondered were it came from and when I turned around I saw that he had gotten to my small purse. He had eaten all but two pieces of trident gum. We couldn't do anything about it so we let nature take its course. The next day Anthony pooped minty fresh smelling poop. I didn't know that that could happen, Jose and I were laughing every time that we had to change his diaper.

I had a lot of blogging ideas but this week I found a new hobby,scrap booking. Jose sister and I have started our own group, every Tuesday and Thursday. I have been doing pretty well but my problem is that I never printed any of the pictures that we have taken of Anthony and Gaby. So I decided to join Shutterfly, which is great because I don't have to leave the house, not that I don't like to leave, its that with two small children I prefer to stay home. So I uploaded all the pictures I liked and I am going to have to print them a little at a time because I have over 200 pictures. It took me almost a whole day to go through all the folders with pictures that we have. I am really excited to finally be doing this. I also need pictures for my frames in which I have pictures of the cats but not of my kids, thats pretty sad, I have professional pictures of Anthony, Gaby and of Jose Graduation that have no frames. Thats another project that I have to work on too.


Just for fun

This is Jamie our neighbors dog.



I am so proud of Monkey he used the potty today for the first time. YEAH!!


My Monkey Doodle

Monkey Doodle is getting so big so fast. In a little over two months he will be two years old. I can't believe it, time goes to fast. He is a lot of work but I have been able to manage. Last week I took him to the water park and he loved it he did not want to leave. When we finally left, after 5 hours at the pool, he was whipped out when we got home he fell asleep while eating dinner. I have never seen him do that he always eats his dinner. He is repeating everything we say. He says "Oh My God" all the time. He now knows the difference between a cat and a dog, but all other animals are also cat and dogs. If you ask him to make the animal noise he does it, he knows monkey well and even does the hand movement it's really cute. He knows his own name and can point at a person and tell you who they are mama, papa, tia (aunt), tio (uncle), he calls my mom and dad tita and tito, he know tu (you) and yo (I). He speaks mostly Spanish, but he does understand English.
He loves his little sister last week she got shots so she had bandage on her leg and he would point at it and say "Gaby Ouch" and kiss it, that has to be the sweetest thing ever. I am so glad that he is not the jealous type. Going out the three of us has been getting easier every time last Friday Jose wanted us to have lunch with him and his co workers and I was out in about 20 minutes, not bad since the first time it took me about an hour. Anyway on Saturday my mom picked up Anthony to take him to Lion Country Safari before they went to the park my mom took him to breakfast, just so you know before they left I gave Monkey a fruit cup so that it would hold him up till the ate at IHOP, so my mom calls me 10 minutes later and tells me Monkey is crying because they had to wait to be seated and he was signing food to her, obviously he was hungry. People must think that I starve the kid or something every where we go he ask for food even if he just ate. So they finally get seated and Monkey starts pretending to eat the food off the menu, and every time the waitress passed by with food he would sign to her food and start to cry. I thought it was hilarious that he did that and my mom was mortified. He did a similar thing to me last week when we went to the Auto Repair shop the receptionist had baby carrots in a zip lock bag and he took my sisters hand and took her to the carrots, pointed at them and then started to sign. The lady then gave him one and I almost died of embarrassment, and to top it off on our way out she gave him 3 more for the ride. The kid eats all day long, thats why I have to have fruits between each meal. He is so good about eating, he will eat almost anything, except for plantains, for some reason he won't eat those.
So that is my Monkey Doodle I am so proud of everything he has learned, I hope that that I am doing the right thing.



So today is my first day of being unemployed. Yesterday I resigned, so my official job now is a stay at home mom. I feel really good about this, there is nothing more I would want to do. I am very happy that my supervisor was very understanding and she told me that I can always go back, but I don't think that I will be going back to the banking business, I will finish my Political Science degree and maybe even go to Law School. I start school in the spring and I know that it will be hard especially since Jose will also be going back for his Masters, in the spring too. The good thing is that Jose will do it online and one class at a time. I won't be going full time either but I will be taking at least two classes a semester. Well I have to go because my sister and my cousin, that is visiting from Costa Rica, will be coming over to go to the Water Park. Maybe I can get some new pictures to post.


Two Months Old

Gaby is 2 months old today and she had her Doctors appointment. I hate when they have to get shots, it just breaks my heart when I see the tears fall. Anyway.... the Dr. said that she is doing great. She is weighing 11lbs 6oz which is almost double her weight when she was born. She is smiling a lot and cooing, occasionally. She is sleeping most of the night, 6-8 hrs. I have to say that I am pretty lucky that both of my kids are good sleepers. Now if only Monkey Doodle would sleep in his toddler bed things would be perfect. The other day he got out of the crib, very scary. Monkey Doodle is doing good with Gaby, he just doesn't know his strength, but he is very sweet with her, gives her kisses all the time and always wants to help. He is talking a lot , repeats everything we say so we have to be careful now. I have been trying to potty train him and now he tells me that he is going to poop but by the time we get to the bathroom he is already done, but I am not in any hurry, I know that he will eventually go to the potty when he is ready.

I have been feeling pretty good, I walk 2-3 times a week about an hour every time, but last week it rained the whole week and this past two days I have had so many things to do and tomorrow I have to go to my job and tell them that I am not going back, I am very nerves. I am very happy, I have lost 17lbs since Gaby was born, and I am planning on losing a lot more I want to go back to what I weigh when I got married.





Sleeping Routine

I hoping that Gaby starts sleeping through the night, and it looks like little by little she sleeps a little longer. On Sunday night she went to bed at 9pm and woke up at 6am if only I could have fallen asleep too it would have been great. Last night she slept 6 hours, I am crossing my finger that it stays this way.
Yesterday I was having flu like symptoms I think it could have been block ducts, today I am feeling a lot better, I am just very sleepy. Luckily my sister is here and she can watch Monkey Doodle while I go and take a nap. I have been having trouble falling asleep, and I am not sure why, I just toss and turn for about 2 hours and then I can't stay asleep.


Golden Birthday

Saturday was my Golden Birthday and we celebrated by going to Orlando without the kids. Yeah it was wrong not taking them but they would not enjoy it, they are too little. We went to Animal Kingdom to try the new Everest ride, and to Sea World because Jose had never been there. It was great, we left the kids with my mother and she was more than happy to take them. On Saturday we went to Sea World, I think the last time I was there was when I was 16, not much has changed they have this new ride Kranken, very scary. I don't know what it is, maybe it is because I am getting older or all the stories you hear about people getting hurt on rides, but there is a point right before we drop that I want to yell and get the hell off the ride. I know it silly but you just never know what could happen. Anyway...After Sea World we had dinner at Downtown Disney to Portobello and it was delicious, I had lobster tails with pasta and Jose had a steak with potatoes. On Sunday we went to Animal Kingdom, we really like this park, it like a big Zoo, they have Everest a roller coaster and the ride is AWESOME, really there is a part where you go backwards in the pitch dark. In Animal Kingdom they have a lot of shows too and we saw Finding Nemo the Musical, and it was good. Thats all we did there because we have seen everything when we went 3yrs ago, plus we are going back in November with the kids, to make it up to them. We got a 3 day pass that we can use until Dec 24 for any Disney Park and Sea World has a Fun Pass which you pay for one day and come back for the rest of the year. I know that Anthony will like Animal Kingdom and Sea World because of all the animals that they have, I just can't wait to take them well mainly Anthony even though he won't remember going there this young. I am so happy that we did this trip I think it was necessary, don't get me wrong we love our kids but sometimes you need alone time. Jose took the camera to work, I am not sure why but as soon as he brings it back it will post pictures.


Sneaky Little Monkey

Monkey Doodle he is to cute. Yesterday I made Cinnamon Rolls and two were left. Today I was feeding Gaby I noticed that Monkey Doodle was quiet. Well it was because he got to the rolls.

He ate them both.



I joke a lot with Jose about him having A.D.D., but today he has proved it. I was in he living room on the laptop, and he was in the kitchen washing the dishes, then he went upstairs to upload his IPOD. I'll just post the picture and you tell me if he has ADD or not. I swear this is exactly as he left it.

There is soap and water still in the bottle.


Not Again

Yesterday started off as a good day. Jose went fishing with my brother and my sisters boyfriend.

Jose planned for us to go to dinner and a movie with his sister and her boyfriend. I left the kids at my moms in the early afternoon we came back home had a 2 hour nap, very needed, got up went to the Sawgrass Mills Mall, it's a giant Outlet Mall with a movie theater. On our way out of the parking spot and car hit us, the bastard thought he could get by fast enough so he sped up and hit the back of my car, He took the bumper completely off. I was so pissed I started banging on the stirring wheel and yelling at the guy which turns out to be a barely 18 year old kid. I swear parking lots don't like me in December on my way to lunch I hit a customer's car, but I sincerely did not see him. But the kid from last night I saw him from the stop sign that was 25 feet away. My car was on Drive when he hit me but guess who's fault it is MINE UNBELIEVABLE he clearly was to blame but because I am the one leaving the parking spot. I was fuming, but I feel better now. I have never had so much bad luck with a car, two days after getting my car, someone in the parking lot dented my side door, then in December the accident, and in February, when I was in Costa Rica, Jose went to the Mall and someone hit the bumper again and left a huge scratch, yes they left, and now this. I think this car has bad karma. I have had the car for less then a year, actually it will be a year at the month.

Last night Gaby did so good she let us sleep, she did not wake up till 5:30 am, Anthony is with my mom on his way here because she is going to a cruise with my sis and both grandma's. He stayed at her house because he was sleeping and we did not want to wake him up. Anthony has so much fun when he's at my moms everyone spoils him. Yesterday he was "helping" my dad who is restoring a car for fun. I thought he looked so cute.


Sleep Deprived

The past week Gaby has not been sleeping well at night. I think she has day and night mixed up. Last night was the first in a long time that I got 5 hrs of sleep in a row. The night before I let her cry and she fell asleep, after 20 minutes of crying. She has been spoiled bad and its all my fault, I just love to hold her because she is so little , Anthony never really liked to be held, so when night time comes around of course she wants to be held. I have also tried to keep her up during the day, which helped. I can't believe that she'll be a month old on Sunday, time goes by so fast.
Even though I am sleep deprived I am getting my things done. I still cook and clean, and I am not even cranky. I have to say that I am very happy, with bags under my eyes and everything. HAHA! Today I went out with the two kids on my own. We went to the mall and then had lunch with my mom at her job. It was crazy trying to leave the house, it took me at least a hour just to get out of the house. Then at the mall I had Monkey Doodle in the stroller and Gaby in the Kangaroo hanging thing I am not sure what its called. Luckily she is not that heavy and I was able to deal with it. I have not gotten the double stroller yet, and I am not sure that I am going to get one anyway, because the Doodle is getting old enough to walk on his own. But that was my day a little hectic but now I know that I can manage the two out on my own, now I can go out during the day more often then being stuck here at home, not that I don't like being home just some days you have to go out.


One month

It has been a month since I have not been working, and it feels perfect, I don't have the stress that I had, and I am a more like able person. I do what I like, I cook everyday. Jose likes that he gets home and dinner is done.

Monkey Doodle is doing good, he is very helpful around the house, he put Gaby's diapers in the garbage, he feeds the cat, and even helps me when I am cooking I ask him to bring me something and he gets it for me. We make tents together and study the alphabet. He repeats the letters but I don't think he knows yet what he is doing. Yesterday I was making pizza for lunch and he took the pepperonis and put them all in his mouth, he thought it was hilarious, but I did manage to get some before he ran off for the pizza.

Monkey's Tent. He loved it.

Monkey feeding the cat.

Monkey shoving pepperonis in his mouth.


Wannabe Nemo

Last night was my sister High School Graduation, so the whole family was there. My moms mom and her husband,and my step dad's parents. Anyway on the way to the car my grandmother says I have something for Anthony. When it comes to her you have to worry about her giving you things, I am not sure were she gets all this crap, yes crap. She sometimes even picks up stuff from garbages. YUCK! She is a Pack Rat. Anyway Monkey Doodle got the Ugliest Wannabe Nemo, and he is in love with it. I am trying to get rid of stuff and here she is adding to it. I just had to vent.


Quiet Weekend

We had a quiet weekend. Saturday we went to Las Olas Riverfront had pizza at this little pizza place it was so good, then we went Jose's cousins house and watched a movie Children of Men. It was pretty good. Yesterday we stayed home most of the day and Gaby had colic, it was pretty bad. She didn't sleep much during the day only 10 mins at a time then she would wake up screaming, my poor little princess. Last night I found some drops for colic and it worked like a charm. She slept from 8pm-12:30am, she was making up for the time she did not sleep during he day. Today she has been doing great she is taking a nap right now and so is the monkey doodle, we are enjoying the quiet time. That will end pretty soon when the doodle get up.


Pictures of the Princess

I can't wait to play dress up with her.

That's Right.

She's a Little Angel


One Week

My little girl is a week old. She has been great, she wakes up every 3-4 hours to eat. She was a little jaundice but thats going away now, I hate that they have to slice her little foot to get blood, I hate to see my babies in pain, but besides that she has been doing great. When we left the hospital she weight 5lbs 10oz but yesterday she was up to 6lbs 4oz thats a lot. Breastfeeding has been going really well. With Anthony it did not go so well, but this time I think I was more prepared and I have not given her any formula like I did with Monkey Doodle, think that that was a big mistake that I did. Being home has been great I do not miss work at all I love being home cooking and keeping the house clean. I do have to get into a routine, so that I can be more organized.
Monkey Doodle has been doing better than we thought with Gaby, he does try to help. Its very cute, he throws away the diapers in the trash and if he hears her cry he tries to give her the pacifier, its adorable. He gives her kisses and rubs her head. He not comfortable holding her, I have tried to sit him down so he can hold her and he says no, and makes a silly face then runs off.
That has been our first week and it has gone pretty well, I have to say that we are really lucky to have good kids. I am not saying they are perfect because Monkey Doodle does drive me crazy sometimes, like when he found the permanent marker and wrote all over the kitchen cabinets, walls, his high chair and MY D&B Bag. Thats life we can't control everything. I will post more pictures as soon as I upload them to the computer.


I have been tagged

I have never done this before, I have no idea how it will turn out.

Here are the rules

Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

Here we go.....

1. We have been home with Gaby for about 24 hours.

2. Anthony is not too happy about the addition to the family, but I am sure he will get used to it. At least he hasn't tried to do anything mean to her.

3. I have bruises on my hands because retarded people tried to put an IV on me, it hurts like hell. On my left hand the front and even my knuckles have bruises, on the right hand they tried to take it from the wrist, and they screwed up that bruise looks really bad my whole wrist is purple. Its nothing like the Mayo Clinic in MN, I guess I was spoiled the first time.

4. I am wondering how I am going to manage this week with two kids and with sleep deprivation.

5. I hope that we can follow our budget so that I don't have to go back to work in three months.

6. I LOVE the show "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia", I can not wait till the season starts in the Summer. My supervisor and I would watch the show on Wed. night and talk all morning about it the next day at work and laugh our heads off, it one of those shows you have to watch to understand. Our co-workers used to think we were crazy.

7. I like that most our neighbors are around our age. Jose and I have noticed that they all have dogs and at least one BIG Truck and we have two kids, a cat and a Mazda6. We are the odd balls. lol! But we all get along really well and they all love Anthony to death, and they are very happy about the new baby too.

8. I have to say that I am very happy with my life. I would not change a thing. The only think I have left to accomplish Is finish with my degree, I know that it will be hard with a family but I am determined to do it.

So there it is, I think I have done it. Now I am going to tag Marcela, Jose, Loralee, I know it says eight but I don't know anyone else that I can tag, put I will try to find more people to tag. Sorry..


Home Sweet Home

We have been home for about 2 hours. Gaby ate and is now taking a nap, I wanted to take a nap but can't fall asleep. Jose has been great he won't let me do anything, I could get used to this. Monkey Doodle is at my Godmothers house and he does not miss us at all. He will be going to my moms house later today, and of course my mom is thrilled, I am so happy that we are in Florida and not some other state where no family can help. So maybe Florida is not so bad.
I can't believe that they let us go home so early, but I am glad that I am home. I could not sleep when I finally got Gaby to fall asleep we got company in the next bed at 2:30 A.M. They talked the whole time and did not turn off the light until 6A.M. and at 6:30 A.M. they came in to take blood from me, so I could say that I did not sleep. Well I have to catch up on my shows that I missed yesterday, I am so happy that we have a DVR, it will definitely come in handy now that I have two kids at home.


Gaby is here!!

Yes I am in the hospital, with the laptop. I feel very good, I am walking around as if nothing happened. It all went so fast, really the epidural never even kicked in, it was crazy. I pushed 3 times and she was out, Jose almost missed it. He had gone home to have lunch, and 1 second before he walked in she was out.
6 lb 19 in
We are waiting to be taken to our room, and wait for family members to come see us. I am hoping to be home by Saturday. Well I have to go they might come for us very soon. We'll update later.


It has come and gone..............

My Due date, well not all gone, there is still 3hrs and 10 mins. I went to the Dr yesterday and he'll induce me on Thursday, I have to go in the morning but I am hoping that I do go into labor before then. I have been walking and working around the house I got a lot done. Last Friday was my last day at work it feels great being at home, I hoping that we can stick to our budget so that I don't have to go back at least until Monkey Doodle starts school. We'll see..anyway we are ready for Gaby to come home, I am not even freaking out about the labor I just want to have her in my arms and look at her. I am very excited, the baby shower was great it turned out so nice, lavender and pink my mom made the center pieces, they were made out of baby diapers with bunny's on the top, and the food was good too, scramble eggs, bacon, sausage, toast, and a bunch of different pastries that looked really good, and we also had a chocolate fountain my favorite with strawberries and bananas. Just writing about it makes me hungry. Well I have to go, I am going to check my bag to make sure that I haven't forgotten anything for the hospital.


3 Weeks and counting

I know I haven't mentioned this pregnancy that much, its just that Anthony keeps me very busy. Things are good. I have not gained that much, a total of 8lbs. I have to go to the DR every week now. Next week I have to get a sonogram done because my Dr wants to see how big the baby is, since the baby looks small and I have not gained much weight, he says he is not worried because I don't have diabetes or blood pressure issues. I asked my mom to go with me just for support. I do think the reason I have not gained to much weight is that I have been eating healthier, I eat more often and not to much junk food, lots of fruits and home cooked meals.
My Baby Shower is next weekend, my mom and my god mother are hosting it @ a Hotel it's going to be a brunch for about 30-35 women. I am very excited, and can't wait. Well I am in the nesting stage of my pregnancy this morning it our room then I am heading to the kids room a lot has to be done, and not much time left.



This is what I come home to when I get home late.


Dinner w/ a Monkey


For the past couple of months we let Monkey Doodle eat on his own but this has got to be the most messiest he has ever gotten. He always uses his hands to feed himself even though he knows that the spoon is the utensil that he is supposed to use. He holds the spoon in his right hand and uses his left to eat.

He is definitly going to need a bath after this.


Big Boy

So this passed weekend we did a lot of work around the house. Especially Monkey's room because he is going to share a room in three months with his baby sister. So we got rid of a bunch of cloths one garbage bag, a basket and one suitcase full of cloths. We gave it to a friend of mine who recently had a baby boy. Also this weekend my mother got Monkey a toddler bed he has to start to get used to sleeping in it. He does not like it, but last night he slept the whole night, I did hear him complain for about 20 sec. around 5 am, that's about it. This morning Jose was getting ready to leave and he wanted to see that Monkey was OK and our poor little monkey was sleeping on the floor on his pillow between the bed and the rocking chair.

This is Monkey Doodle waking up this morning.


I knew that I would have a problem with Monkey taking a nap on his bed, but I thought just give him a bottle and he'll go to sleep. Well I thought it was working since i did not hear him. About a hour after I put him down I hear him playing, I did not want to go in the room because maybe he would fall asleep and if he saw me he might start crying. Silence and them i hear paper tearing, I am wondering where can he get paper from. I had completely forgotten that Jose bookcases are still in Monkeys room. When i went in the room it was to late monkey had destroyed two books. The bad news is that Jose does not know yet, you are the first to find out. That's not all he did he took his cloths out that took us all day Saturday to organize, and went crazy with his toys. I hope you enjoy the pictures of what Monkey's room looked after his nap, which I don't think that he took, by the looks of it. That sneaky little Monkey.

Doesn't he look Innocent? NOT

In this picture I was asking him what happened? All he said was HUH!


Grandma Silvia's Funeral

No I do not have a Grandma Silvia, we went to the theater yesterday and that was the name of the play. It was pretty funny. Its one of those plays where you are part of it, Jose actually got to carry the the coffin in and was being followed by the retarded grandson named Mark, and also was asked to try out to be a GO-GO boy after the funeral by the son of the funeral owner that made the funeral parlor into "Club Mortuary" at nights. I have heard of other plays that are like this one, I know there is one of a wedding, that one I am sure would be a lot more interactive because it more of a reception, and people are not sitting in rows like the funeral was. At least we got to do something new and some free time with out my monkey even though we missed him a lot but I think sometimes it is necessary, thank goodness for grandparents.



I have to say that my husband is so greedy, he won't let me play with the NEW IPOD that I bought for him. Yeah I bought it for him but he should at least let me see it once. I think he thinks that I am going to lose it because I lost my Nano Ipod recently I have no idea where it may have gone. I got it X-mas of 2005 and used it for like 3 months, then the fever died its true, I am not an electronic gadget kind of person. I prefer purses, clothes, shoes, but you know, the WII does sound kinda neat, and the whole family can play, so its not that bad. Well I am going to go, maybe he will lend it to me now.


Monkey and my little cousin Carolina.
It has been a long time, lots has gone on Monkey is a lot bigger and very demanding. He hates when anyone touches my belly he says it his. I have told him that the baby is there and he gives her kisses and rubs it, but if someone else does it he gets mad and pushes them away and there are times when he hits that person including his father. This morning he told us to pretty much be quiet, we where having breakfast and he was playing with his food, so I told him to stop,and he replied by putting his finger on his mouth and said ssh! We were completely amazed that he even knew how to do that. But yeah thats our 17 month old now.

This was the most beautiful view it of the city San Jose. It was not easy going up this mountain to get to the resort where she got married the last 2 miles is dirt road and there is nothing protecting you from falling off the edge.

My cousin Karla and her now husband Josue.

I took 10 days off of work and went to Costa Rica with Monkey for my cousins wedding. I haven't been in 6 years last time I went Jose and I had just met, and now I went back and they could not believe that I was married and had a growing family they were all so happy to see me. It was a lot of fun except for the part where Anthony got a stomach virus the day that we were leaving Florida, that was a nightmare lucky my grandma was with me and she was able to help me out. I am telling you if it wasn't for her being there I would have canceled the whole trip. I had 3 changes of cloths and all 3 got dirty before we even got on the plane. I had to buy him a shirt at the airport to get him on the plane. For the next 3 days he was sick he barely ate and he did not want to sleep in the pack n play, this was the first time in his life that he slept with me in the same bed. He did not want to go with anyone, he wanted me to carry him all the time but of course I can't he is way to heavy for me to carry. He also had four teeth coming in at the same time. After a couple of days he was back to his normal self and we were able to enjoy our trip we went to a volcano and a waterfall were he almost lost a shoe, my aunts husband and his son had to go down to the river and get it back.

This picture is when they were bringing the shoe back.
This is the waterfall Catarata La Paz which means The Peace Waterfall.

My aunt, me, her husband and monkey doodle.
I can't wait till I go back to Costa Rica there is so much I want to show Jose, hopefully we can all go in October for my other cousins wedding, which is the sister of the one that just go married. I just wonder how we are going to manage with two little ones. We are going to need a vacation from that trip. haha!