Big Boy

So this passed weekend we did a lot of work around the house. Especially Monkey's room because he is going to share a room in three months with his baby sister. So we got rid of a bunch of cloths one garbage bag, a basket and one suitcase full of cloths. We gave it to a friend of mine who recently had a baby boy. Also this weekend my mother got Monkey a toddler bed he has to start to get used to sleeping in it. He does not like it, but last night he slept the whole night, I did hear him complain for about 20 sec. around 5 am, that's about it. This morning Jose was getting ready to leave and he wanted to see that Monkey was OK and our poor little monkey was sleeping on the floor on his pillow between the bed and the rocking chair.

This is Monkey Doodle waking up this morning.


I knew that I would have a problem with Monkey taking a nap on his bed, but I thought just give him a bottle and he'll go to sleep. Well I thought it was working since i did not hear him. About a hour after I put him down I hear him playing, I did not want to go in the room because maybe he would fall asleep and if he saw me he might start crying. Silence and them i hear paper tearing, I am wondering where can he get paper from. I had completely forgotten that Jose bookcases are still in Monkeys room. When i went in the room it was to late monkey had destroyed two books. The bad news is that Jose does not know yet, you are the first to find out. That's not all he did he took his cloths out that took us all day Saturday to organize, and went crazy with his toys. I hope you enjoy the pictures of what Monkey's room looked after his nap, which I don't think that he took, by the looks of it. That sneaky little Monkey.

Doesn't he look Innocent? NOT

In this picture I was asking him what happened? All he said was HUH!


  1. What the??????


    Which book was that?

  2. Jose, HEH.

    Ah, yes. I remember this phase very well. You blink and it looks like Katrina has ripped through the room.


    Ages toddling to about 4 just about kill me off because you have to be so vigilant about watching them.

    How you do it pregnant is beyond, but I have a feeling you fall in that "Superwoman" category. :)

  3. I don't know how I am going to manage when the two are toddlers.

    Probability and Statistics and the other was a computer book, I don't know the name exactly.

    The good thing is that Monkey does like to help and clean up.

  4. I am glad that I was 10 miles away when I first saw that picture, my Stat class was bad, but not that bad

  5. hahahaha funny!!! very funny