Sleep Deprived

The past week Gaby has not been sleeping well at night. I think she has day and night mixed up. Last night was the first in a long time that I got 5 hrs of sleep in a row. The night before I let her cry and she fell asleep, after 20 minutes of crying. She has been spoiled bad and its all my fault, I just love to hold her because she is so little , Anthony never really liked to be held, so when night time comes around of course she wants to be held. I have also tried to keep her up during the day, which helped. I can't believe that she'll be a month old on Sunday, time goes by so fast.
Even though I am sleep deprived I am getting my things done. I still cook and clean, and I am not even cranky. I have to say that I am very happy, with bags under my eyes and everything. HAHA! Today I went out with the two kids on my own. We went to the mall and then had lunch with my mom at her job. It was crazy trying to leave the house, it took me at least a hour just to get out of the house. Then at the mall I had Monkey Doodle in the stroller and Gaby in the Kangaroo hanging thing I am not sure what its called. Luckily she is not that heavy and I was able to deal with it. I have not gotten the double stroller yet, and I am not sure that I am going to get one anyway, because the Doodle is getting old enough to walk on his own. But that was my day a little hectic but now I know that I can manage the two out on my own, now I can go out during the day more often then being stuck here at home, not that I don't like being home just some days you have to go out.


  1. Awww. she's so little. You can't spoil her until she's much older. Hold her all you can while she lets you!

    Glad to hear it's possible getting out of the house with two. Not that I'm in the market for a second one any time soon.

    Here's hoping you get some sleep.

  2. Yup, girlfriend said it. You cannot spoil them this small. Everything at this point is pure "Need" based.

    Ug. My second didn't sleep at ALL I don't think I got 5 hours straight until he was 2. (I'm not kidding).


  3. At least up to three or four months old they do NEED the love, hugs and afection that mommy can give them. there is no such thing as spoiling a newborn. Don't be afraid, hold her as much as you and her need to, enjoy your time together, enjoy every single hour and minute you can while they are small.