Healthy Kids

This was at Chuck E Cheese the other day with his little cousin.

This is Gaby being cute like always.

Today I took both of our children to the Dr. for wells check up Anthony is 32 1/2 lb I think he is 35 inches tall, the Dr said he looks great and to continue to do whatever it is that I am doing. Gaby is 15lbs and measures 25 inches, she is also doing very well for her age. I asked the Dr about giving her cereal, food and etc, because my mother keeps nagging me to give her food now, but the Dr said that only if I feel it is necessary, which I don't think it is, she is the the high percentile for her age and she is not complaining so I will not start food until she is 6 months, or starts eating more often.


  1. It's totally normal for babies to start cereal around 6 months. My dr. recommends NOT pushing it to make sure their digestive systems can handle it (Usually if they are complaining of hunger, she recommends a little cereal mixed in with their bottles to start.)

  2. Yeah, your mom sounds just like mine. She gave the Fiendling an ice cream cone for breakfast.

    Six months is the recommended age to start solids anyway. Gaby will let you know when she's interested.

  3. Hey martha... I want to print all my pictures. Walmart has a great 12 cents per picture deal. I love their colors too!! I heard you are doing scrapbooking with a cousin? let me know, we'll get together!!! Right now i have over 300 pictures ever since GianCarlo was born. He is only 7 weeks old. Imagine two years worth of Gio's Pictures.