Every Busy

This weekend was non-stop. Saturday I had a Baby Shower at 9:30 am, then at 2pm we had a kid's birthday party in Jupiter which is about 1 hour away, then a 7pm we had Jose's Party for his 10 year High School reunion, which was a Black Tie affair, but luckily the party was close to my moms house, so we got ready there and left the kids there. On Sunday we had the 10 year High School reunion picnic, which was also my moms birthday. I also had to do all the laundry because we are leaving on Thursday to go to Costa Rica which I am really excited about, since this time we are ALL going, including Jose's sister and her boyfriend. The main reason we are going is because my cousin is getting married on Saturday. I have to pick up the house before we leave because I hate to come back from vacation to a messy house. do have all the outfits for the kids and mine but now I have to actually put it in the luggage. All I really want to do is sleep, I am so exhausted.