Grandma Silvia's Funeral

No I do not have a Grandma Silvia, we went to the theater yesterday and that was the name of the play. It was pretty funny. Its one of those plays where you are part of it, Jose actually got to carry the the coffin in and was being followed by the retarded grandson named Mark, and also was asked to try out to be a GO-GO boy after the funeral by the son of the funeral owner that made the funeral parlor into "Club Mortuary" at nights. I have heard of other plays that are like this one, I know there is one of a wedding, that one I am sure would be a lot more interactive because it more of a reception, and people are not sitting in rows like the funeral was. At least we got to do something new and some free time with out my monkey even though we missed him a lot but I think sometimes it is necessary, thank goodness for grandparents.

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