Parrot Jungle Island

I remember that when I was turned 8 my mom took me to Parrot Jungle. Yesterday I took my Monkey, but I have a feeling I was more excited them he was. Pili, Jose's cousin, has a son 3 weeks younger then Monkey, and the four of us packed my car and drove 40 mintues to Miami to see exotic birds and animals. Its was a great time Anthony was very happy. He was a little scared becasuse the parrots were loud. Here are some pictures of our trip.

Pili and Allen

Monkey and me

Monkey and Allen

They are too Cute.

They were .....

pooped out by the end. lol!


1st Tooth

Today May 12 I felt Anthony's 1st tooth. He has been teething for a while now but today I felt his tooth he like to bite on our fingers thats how I knew. I felt something sharp, it was kind of hard to see since Anthony doesn't like us to touch his face to much, there it was his first tooth, well not the whole thing just a little white thing you can't really see it. I am so excited my baby boy is growning up so fast.


More pictures

Monkey crawling he looks so cute but most of the time he is lazy and doesn't use his legs to crawl. I love him so much, I can't imagine myself without him.

It's of the new chandalier. It's a little dark but it will do.

I like this picture better then the other one.



Monkey playing with his gym.

Being silly.

In his high chair after breakfast.
Monkey is 7 1/2 months old. He is doing great he is starting to crawl and standing up on his own. Well not to great we just found out yesterday that Monkey has Asthma. He has had this cough that just won't go away and the Dr we are taking him to wasn't really sayng much he went the twice time first it he said to give him pediacare, the second time he gave him anti-biotics. But it wasn't helping. So we took him to another Dr, who checked him out and gave him a breathing treatment which helped and that when they told us that he has asthma. So now he has a nebulizer at home and he has his treatment 3 x's a day. He gets very aggitated when I have to give it to him but we have no other choice. He will have another appointment with the new Dr. next week to check him out again a see how well he is doing hopefully it will be better. Besides that he has been eating normally and acting like a normal baby. He is amazing, he makes funny faces and he knows when he is doing something he is not supposed to do.

My Vacation

I have been on vacation this week and I really didn't have anything planned. On monday I woke up wantIng to paint. We have been here 5 months and our walls are white, and it is killing me. I always wanted a house where I can paint the walls whatever color I wanted. I was tried of looking at plain white walls. I started downstairs, which is what most people see, no one really goes to the bedrooms or bathrooms upstairs. So the kitchen was my first project. I went to the nearest home improvement store and bought paint, bordeaux and vanilla bean. I made two walls bordeaux which was hard because its dark and I had to do about 3 coats to get it all even. I am very hapy with the outcome. I was actually only going to do the kitchen but then I saw this Palm Tree stencil that matches the towels in the bathroom downstairs, then I saw a chandalier that would go really great in the dinning room. I am not really sure what color I am going to do in the living room or dinning room I just know that it will take a while because thats a lot of painting to do specially if I have to juggle Monkey and making sure that the cats don't get into the paint.