I have grown up with with pets all my life. Iguanas, cats, rabbits, dogs, finches, turtles, anything that you can imagine we had. I am amazed how people can give up their pets and hurt them, to me they are part of my family. The two cats that we have at home are our first babies, but of course Anthony is # 1. Amirah is a 6lbs Russian Blue that will be 3 yrs old in July, Mohammed is a 13lbs Bombay that will be 2 years old next week. We have to take them to the vet's make sure that they don't get sick or fleas, buy them pet insurance, yes and its very helpful. Mohammed had surgery last year and it was very expensive we learned our lesson. I really don't know what i would do without them, its like they wait for you all day for you to get home and they get so happy. They know when you are going to feed them, and Amirah knows when I am sad. While Jose was in Iraq, Amirah was my company I used to hate to go home to a lonely apartment, I remember that I used cry in bed and she would come and lay next to me rub against me and lay down kinda saying I know how you feel and I am here to keep you company. How can ANYONE be so cruel to them they just want someone to love and if you have a pet that you don't want just find him a home or a shelter that is a no kill shelter. If I had the room I would pick up all the stray animals that I see in the streets and also if my hubby would let me, he complains that we have to many pets already. Just like how my family did when I was growing up. I suffer from allergies and sometime they get REALLY bad my husband ask me what if you had to get rid of them because they are the ones that make you feel bad and I told him that I rather suffer then give them up, they will have to find a medicine that will work but luckly I am not allergic of my cats, its everything else. (lol) I was worried about the cats when I found out that I was pregnant, because you hear all these stories about cats attacking the baby of spreading a sickness. We have been really lucky Mohammed would come by and smell he and that was it but Amirah is the CRAZY one mostly with Jose because he picks on both of them but mostly her because she attacks him while he walks by and with other people she not a nice cat she WILL bite you or scratch you etc. When Anthony was born she wouldn't get near him until recently, about 2 weeks ago, Anthony and I where laying on the floor playing and Amirah came by. Anthony pulled her tail and she purred, I WAS SURPRISED! she hates it when people touch her tail even me and she is very close to me, ever since then she will sit next to him and purr and lets him touch her, now I know that I have nothing to worry about, and Anthony will grow up with them just fine. Please be kind to animals they do have feelings; even though they don't talk they can express it in different ways.



It's funny how my mom and Jose's mom get when they see Anthony. My mom kidnaps him every friday night which is ok since its the only night Jose and I have alone. But I still miss my baby, last week i woke up in the middle of the night thinking I heard Anthony but of course I didn't he wasn't in the house. My mom has gone INSANE she has her own car seat, stroller, baby bag and milk, cereal, etc. She thinks she is his mom for the weekend. hahaha! I bet people think she is too because she's a young grandmother, no one can believe that she has a daugther that's married much less a grandson. Jose parents are older I believe in their 60's. I guess that our parents are happy to have grandchildren because they know that there is a little of them in that child, and when the baby cries they can just return them tto their parents and not no to worry about it. lol!