Florida Winter

So today we woke up and it was cool outside. It was in the high 60's which is very unusual for us. I love it, I get to open all my windows and be outside without worrying about having a heat stroke. Anthony got outside when Jose was leaving for work he said "I want to play on the winter." He also asked "Where are the snowflakes?" My poor mid-western baby is not going to see snow anytime soon. I hope that this weather last maybe I can even start running. This would be the best weather to do it.


Happy Veterans Day!

Last December we went to DC. We visited Arlington Cemetery, it was a sad but also happy moment, because if it wasn't for those men and women buried there we would not have the life we do.
I want to also let my hubby know that I love him and I am proud of everything he has done.

I love you Babe, Happy Veterans Day!


Is it to early?

I have started to plan the kids birthday. Gaby's 3rd birthday is in 6 months. I have decided to do a Mad Hatter Tea Party. I have found many cute ideas online. I am not sure if I will even have a party, for Anthony's 3rd birthday we went to Disney. Should I do the same for Gaby? For Anthony's 5 birthday I have decided for sure that we are doing a carnival theme party which I have been wanting to do forever. I want to have booths and a clown. The whole bang. I can't believe that he'll be 5. That is still 10 months away. The main one is Gaby's I think it will be really cute. I guess will see as time gets closer if we'll have a party or go to Disney.


Knock, Knock

Anthony told me his first knock knock joke, and it was so cute.

Anthony: Knock, knock
me: who's there?
A: Boo
m:Boo, who?
A: don't cry mami

It was so cute that I had to call Jose at work to tell him. He thought it was awesome.
My kid is pretty awesome when he is not messing with his sister. I love moments like these.