So today is my first day of being unemployed. Yesterday I resigned, so my official job now is a stay at home mom. I feel really good about this, there is nothing more I would want to do. I am very happy that my supervisor was very understanding and she told me that I can always go back, but I don't think that I will be going back to the banking business, I will finish my Political Science degree and maybe even go to Law School. I start school in the spring and I know that it will be hard especially since Jose will also be going back for his Masters, in the spring too. The good thing is that Jose will do it online and one class at a time. I won't be going full time either but I will be taking at least two classes a semester. Well I have to go because my sister and my cousin, that is visiting from Costa Rica, will be coming over to go to the Water Park. Maybe I can get some new pictures to post.


  1. Keep up with your plans... try even to go straigt to law school without any breaks, because everytime we take a break, it's even more difficult to go back!!!

  2. I love being a stay at home mom. Applause for going to school...It's not easy, but I have total faith that if anyone can pull all of it off, it will be your family!

  3. thank you, Loralee