Not enough time

I always want to blog but I just can't seem to have the time. With Anthony in school, I thought things would get easier but no, just more things pop up. We are getting ready to go away for our Winter Break, to NYC. I'm so excited. I miss NY and my family, of course. I also love NY around X-Mas time. It is just so beautiful.

So what have I been up too. I've been watching my ex neighbors kids twice sometimes three times a week. She is actually one of my close friends and I am extremely mad that she sold her Townhouse across the street and is actually moving to GA tomorrow.

There is so much going on this weekend we have a party my SIL is having. Then on Sunday we are going to pick strawberries with some our friends and their kids. The following weekend we have another party and Sunday I'm hosting a breakfast for the family. I usually do something before we go off on vacation, and the family gives the little ones gift and stuff. Then we leave Monday. DRIVING, that is correct we are driving to NYC. Yes, we are crazy! (You should know that by now.) I'm feeling a little anxiety. I'm getting a little scared about the frozen road but I'm sure we'll be fine.
I have to go the lil one's need a nap.


Wordless Wednesday- Seal By Gaby

Gaby got a hold of my IPhone.


Monkey's first day of school

Today my first born started Pre-K. Neither of us cried. He walked to his seat and didn't look back. This is the beginning for my little Monkey. I love you forever Anthony.


Being a grown up sucks sometimes

For a couple week now Jose and I decided that we want to move out of our Townhouse and rent a bigger house. The problem with that is that we have to fix our place before we can even rent it out and look at other places. We know of some friends of friends that have the perfect house for us and the rent is just what we want but they need someone to move in in the middle of next month. That is just impossible for us. Plus Jose doesn't want to move until he finishes school next spring, but I don't think that I can wait. We NEED more space. We are supposed to go to Key West next month, and I am really close to cancel the trip so that we could move but I really want to go on vacation. See being an adult SUCKS!!! decisions, decisions.


Stop the Clock

The other day I was looking at Gaby and Anthony play and I couldn't believe how big they are getting. Then I realized that Anthony is going to start Pre-School next month and he will be FIVE years old in September. Isn't that insane. Yes, he will be the oldest kid in class because to start Kindergarten in Florida you have to be 5 by September 1st. oh well..I can live with that, plus it will be good for him. I don't think that he is ready for kindergarten anyway. Anthony will be going to a PRE-K at an elementary school and a bus will pick him up; which freaks me out a little.
Gaby will start PRE-K next year, and then I don't know what to do with all my extra time. I think I might go back to work maybe part-time. If I can even find a job. The truth is that it would be nice to have extra money but I don't think that the money is worth the time. ahh! I don't know will see what happens. What would you guys do?


A quarter plus 1

Today I turn 26. I look at my life and I love it. I have accomplished a lot in a quarter of a century. I look forward to the future. I have definitely have had ups and downs but for the most part it has been great. I know that my future will be even better.
It has been a good day so far. Jose stayed home; we are currently watching the World cup, US vs. Algiers. Jose got me the movie "Twilight Saga: New Moon" and a great book "The Time Travelers Wife". We are going out for dinner with family at one my favorite places The Knife. Goodbye.
Happy Birthday to me!! :0)


It's been a while

May was a extremely busy month for me. I am so glad it is over. Gabylicious turned 3!! which is crazy; I can't believe it. Anthony went to school for a week. I hosted my SIL's baby shower.

So my princess turned 3. We had a small pizza party at home for close friends and family the next day we drove to Disney World. We stayed at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. It was amazing. On the 3rd day there Anthony said that it was boring. My kids have no clue how good they have and how hard hubby and I work to make those trips possible. lol! We spent the day of her birthday at Epcot. We did the Princess Story Book dinning. Gaby meet 5 Princess and she was LOVING it...

and Anthony could careless. lol!

A birthday cupcake was brought over. She was soo happy. The lunch was very expensive but it was totally worth it.
The rest of the trip was spent in Disney Typhoon Lagoon water park and at the resort pool. It was really a great time. The kids where so happy as usual whenever they go to Disney.

My SIL's baby shower was amazing. She loved it. Benihana's managers were great. The food was amazing.

These are the diaper cakes that I made for centerpieces.

The cake was delicious and gorgeous.

The food was great. I chose the lunch boat and everyone got a choose either salmon, chicken, or steak. We also got onion soup and a salad before the boat. Everything came out great.
Well that is all for now, Jose just called me to tell me that he has to go to Chicago tonight. That's awesome! (sarcastic tone)



So for our family the birthday season has started. Jose birthday is on Tuesday 4/27. His cousin's son birthday is 4/30. My brothers 5/5, yep 5 de Mayo. lol! I can't wait until he is 21 to corrupt him. ;) Our very own Gabylicious 3rd birthday is 5/10. My in laws are 5/4 and 5/13. Jose's cousin's other son is 5/20 and one of my close friends is 5/24. For this month I sometimes think I should get a job to keep up with presents. Also this year I added my sister in law's baby shower on 5/22. I know, I must be crazy!! It the only time I could have the baby shower because in early June we are going to TX. How Fun! I know aren't you jealous!! (sarcastic voice) A story for another time. BTW Jose want to drive there. please someone shoot me now.


I'm back

For a moment I thought I wasn't. I had a near death experience. Let start from the beginning. I left Friday April 9th to NYC. My flight was supposed to leave at 9 am. Everything was going well until 830 when they announced my flight was going to be delayed until 11. I had not problem I was OK with that. Then at 1030 they say it said it was going to be delayed again until 1pm. I was starting to get upset. I had been at the airport since 7am. Delta gave us a meal voucher for $7 which was crap because a sandwich alone was $8.49, but whatever. At 1230 they came back on and guess what....yeap you probably guess right we got delayed again until 3pm. Now I was fuming. I tried to get another flight but everything was booked, thanks to spring break being over, people were going back home. They gave a voucher for $100 and told us that we should be leaving at 3pm. The problem on the plane was the lights on the floor of three of the rows weren't working. Delta knew about this problem from the night before because the pilots told us. We did finally leave at 3 and made to La Guardia airport at 6pm. The weekend was great. I had time to relax. We had a surprise party for my sister on saturday. I went to Carlos Bakery in Hoboken, NJ also known as Cake Boss from TLC channel. I also when to the city a couple of times. We also went to The Magnolia Bakery . I waited in line for an hour for their cupcakes and it was so worth it. Especially their banana pudding it is to die for. Monday was my last day. I decided to go early to the city to see if i could go inside Good Morning America. Which I did. I got there at 630 am. I even got a picture with Robin Robert and Juju Chang. I went by myself because everyone had to work. After that I walked from 42th street to 82th and Broadway to the Met, only to find out that it is closed on Mondays. I walk to 79th went through Central Park to the American Museum of Natural History. After I walked like 6 miles I went back to Queens to have lunch with Aunt and to get ready to go. Everything was going well. I got to the airport on time we were leaving on time. We even lifted off but after that things were not going well. I could feel the plane struggling to stay up. I had a window seat so I could see how close we were to the buildings. The nose of the plane dipped down at one point and we also went to its side. The pilot came on and said that we were going back to la Guardia. We were in the air for about an hour. I really thought that we weren't going to make it. When we were getting back to the run way it almost looked like we were going to land in the water we were so low. When we made it to the gate the pilot told us that we were having mechanical problems and that we were going to switch planes. We left La Guardia at 9pm. The whole time on the plane I was freaked out. I couldn't relax. Even yesterday at home I was trying to take a nap but whenever i closed my eyes it felt like I was back on the plane. Even talking about it makes me shake. I am just so glad to be home with my hub and monkeys. I'm back in my usual routine with the monkeys. They say they missed me. Good, because I missed them like crazy. I have to go and make lunch before the monkeys rage that fridge.



I should be finishing the laundry but instead I'm blogging. Tomorrow I leave to the Big Apple. The kids and Jose are staying here. I haven't been to NY since I was pregnant with Anthony 5 years ago. I am surprising my sister for her birthday. She is turning 21. I am so excited to have some free time. I could really use it. Things are still hectic here. The house remodeling is still not done we have had a really hard time getting the right stuff. Whatever I am the point that I really don't care. It will get done eventually.
I am also planning my sisters in law's baby shower, which is next month. It is so much fun. Everything is almost done. We have the location, food, cake and the invitations have been sent out. The only thing left is the party favors; which we are ordering early next month because they are customized fortune cookies. The theme is based on the location which is Benihana. SIL is very happy with how everything is turning out and so am I.
I have to go. I have a lot to do before I leave tomorrow morning. Everyone please send happy thoughts to Jose, this weekend will be the first time he stays with the monkeys all by himself. :)


One Year

It is crazy to imagine that a year has past since my grandmother has died. All day today I have been thinking about her. I hate that my kids won't remember her at all. I hate that there wasn't anything we could do for her. She was diagnosed with cancer January 20, 2009 with stage 4 breast cancer. It was to late for her. What's crazy (not really actually) is that just a couple months before she had gone to the Dr and she was fine. 6months before we were all having a great time as a family in Disney for Anthony's birthday. WTF! I hate cancer; you have taken the only grandmother that was amazing to me, and she wasn't even blood related she was my step-dads mom. She was always there for me. She was the one that did my hair, make up, and nails for every occasion. She was there for my Quince, she was there for my wedding. She was the best. I hate that Gaby won't be able to learn from her. She won't know how great she was and how much fun they would have had together. Yaya and Gaby would have had a blast because Gaby loves getting her nails painted and getting her hair done. I hate that our family was torn apart. I HATE CANCER!!


Everything will be O.K.

I think the reason the kids have been acting out is because our house is really chaotic right now. We are having wood floors put in and the carpet taken out. We are also painting and fixing the base boards downstairs. It taking longer then expected because we are waiting for some material to come in for the stairs and the guy working on the house is taking forever. He is really slow put at least he is doing a good job. I can't until everything is done. I am looking forward to the end product. We have finally painted our room after living here for almost five years. We painted a light green. After we painted I realized that almost every room in the house has some sort of green wall. I guess that must be what my subconscious wants. lol!

This is a picture of the new floors in the monkeys room. I love it. I think that they have the coolest room ever.

I haven't uploaded the picture from our room yet but I will post some as soon as we done with it completely. I think this weekend we are going to get the monkeys bunk beds from IKEA. I really LOVE that place. I love the one in this pic.



I think I might just be losing my f#%# mind. My kids are seriously driving up the F$%@ wall. Today has been a H.O.R.R.I.B.L.E. day. Gaby wont stop crying. She crys for anything, and Monkey isn't helping. He keeps messing with her. I am seriously counting down the days until he starts school. I am looking forward to more time to keep up with the house and just handling one kid. It is so frustrating. I think that I might be going to some sort of depression because I don't feel right. I lose my temper pretty quietly and I have no patience whatsoever. I am going to NY in April just for the weekend to be with my sister on her birthday. It is just me going. I really need this break. That's that I have to get back to the chaos.



Insane is how I can describe my life right now. We just have so much going on. Anthony is acting up more than usual. I can't keep my eyes off of them for more than a minute because if i do I turn around to a disaster. The other day while trying to clean the downstairs the kids completely soaked the rug in their room with water and Gaby had taken her diaper off (another story) and peed in the wet rug. I also haven't been feeling that great I think it's exhaustion. I can barely eat, even thought I am hungry. I think it could be some sort of stomach flu.

We are still waiting to get the check to fix the house from the flood that happened over a month ago. Hopefully we can get it soon. I tired of my house looking like crap. We have decided that the money we get back from taxes we are going to use to finally get rid of the carpet. We are pretty much stuck in this townhouse for a very long time. Some neighbors have short sale theirs for more than half of what we paid. Which totally SUCKS!!

So about Gaby and her issues with diapers. Lately she will remove her diaper and put on underwear she then pees on herself. She refuses to go to the bathroom but doesn't want to wear one. Very frustrating. I ask her to put a diaper on and she says no that she wants to pee in her underwear.

I wish I had more time to write it does help when I am stressed out. Hopefully when Anthony starts school I can have a little more time.