3 Weeks and counting

I know I haven't mentioned this pregnancy that much, its just that Anthony keeps me very busy. Things are good. I have not gained that much, a total of 8lbs. I have to go to the DR every week now. Next week I have to get a sonogram done because my Dr wants to see how big the baby is, since the baby looks small and I have not gained much weight, he says he is not worried because I don't have diabetes or blood pressure issues. I asked my mom to go with me just for support. I do think the reason I have not gained to much weight is that I have been eating healthier, I eat more often and not to much junk food, lots of fruits and home cooked meals.
My Baby Shower is next weekend, my mom and my god mother are hosting it @ a Hotel it's going to be a brunch for about 30-35 women. I am very excited, and can't wait. Well I am in the nesting stage of my pregnancy this morning it our room then I am heading to the kids room a lot has to be done, and not much time left.


  1. OMG Que Envidia.... About the Not gaining weight part. When you see me, I'll look like a pregnant cow.

  2. EEK! I'm so excited for you guys!
    I love it when nesting kicks in. I always feel like superwomen and everything looks awesome. It is a darn good thing something happens to get the mind off of just wanting to not be pregnant anymore!!!

    That photo is freaking adorable. I love the toy laptop!!!!

  3. Yeah , me too, We haven't gotten to the kids room, but I am hoping that I can get to it. VERY SOON! Anthony has two toy laptops one speaks English the other in Spanish. As soon as Jose takes out his laptop, Anthony get his out too sometimes even both at the same time it drives me crazy listening to the to laptops at the same time.