Sad Day

I just found out that Randy Pausch, the professor from Carnegie Mellon University, has died. He is the professor that wrote the book "The Last Lecture". I am sad because I think of his kids, two of them are the ages of my kids. I can't imagine not being there for my kids as they are growing up. How do you explain to a one year old and a two year old that their parent is no longer around. I don't even want to think about it because I just get teary eyed. My sympathy goes out to the Pausch Family.


I'm still trying new foods w/o meat.

I have been trying new recipes and even tofu. Which I don't mind the other night I made pasta with Italian sausage that was made out of tofu and it was really good. Jose even had some and liked it only after he ate it, I told him that it was tofu. He says he felt betrayed but it IS the only way that I can get him to eat new things. The kids are still eating meat and chicken, when they are older they can decide for themselves if they want to still eat it. The organic produce group is going great I LOVE IT. This week we got strawberries and they were scratch that they are delicious, we still have some left. I also like it because I get vegetable that I have never tried before like kale. I found this recipe on the groups website and it was awesome. We got alfalfa sprouts and I have no clue what to do with them so it anyone has any idea please let me know. Today for lunch we had Zucchini Quesadillas I like it a lot I changed it up a bit. I did not have corn, I put mushrooms, that I got from my group which are devine, and I added a little Braggs Liquid Aminos


No Style

I do appreciate when Jose helps in the morning with the kids but this is why I dress the kids and not him.

She is even upset. He thinks it matches because they have the same colors.


Gone Vegan

We have decided to go vegan for 30 days. We have been doing it for almost two weeks. It has not been too bad. I made vegan chili, pasta, and a black bean soup with tortillas. I found this two blogs Kitchen Parade and A Veggie Venture. I have gotten a lot of ideas and they all sound very yummy. The only problem I have is Jose, he has said that he misses eating chicken. I will not quit I want to change up what we eat.
I have also started to buy organic veggies and fruits. I found this really cool website with Green Buisness. On there I found a site where they have groups all around Dade and Broward county where you pick up two totes of veggies, fruits and greens that are from local farmers and are organic. They are called Organic Produce Buying Club of South Florida . The best thing is that the group I get my produce is just two roads down, it is actually closer then the supermarket.
I have been pretty busy also, I have a class Monday-Thursday from 10am-11:50am, then a 6pm the kids have swimming classes and then I have to do homework and or study. I don't know how I am getting through but I can not wait til I am done with school. I have stopped walking/running in the morning because I am just too tired to get up and I still doing the 3 mile run in September so I have to start training again.