One Year

It is crazy to imagine that a year has past since my grandmother has died. All day today I have been thinking about her. I hate that my kids won't remember her at all. I hate that there wasn't anything we could do for her. She was diagnosed with cancer January 20, 2009 with stage 4 breast cancer. It was to late for her. What's crazy (not really actually) is that just a couple months before she had gone to the Dr and she was fine. 6months before we were all having a great time as a family in Disney for Anthony's birthday. WTF! I hate cancer; you have taken the only grandmother that was amazing to me, and she wasn't even blood related she was my step-dads mom. She was always there for me. She was the one that did my hair, make up, and nails for every occasion. She was there for my Quince, she was there for my wedding. She was the best. I hate that Gaby won't be able to learn from her. She won't know how great she was and how much fun they would have had together. Yaya and Gaby would have had a blast because Gaby loves getting her nails painted and getting her hair done. I hate that our family was torn apart. I HATE CANCER!!