Not Again

Yesterday started off as a good day. Jose went fishing with my brother and my sisters boyfriend.

Jose planned for us to go to dinner and a movie with his sister and her boyfriend. I left the kids at my moms in the early afternoon we came back home had a 2 hour nap, very needed, got up went to the Sawgrass Mills Mall, it's a giant Outlet Mall with a movie theater. On our way out of the parking spot and car hit us, the bastard thought he could get by fast enough so he sped up and hit the back of my car, He took the bumper completely off. I was so pissed I started banging on the stirring wheel and yelling at the guy which turns out to be a barely 18 year old kid. I swear parking lots don't like me in December on my way to lunch I hit a customer's car, but I sincerely did not see him. But the kid from last night I saw him from the stop sign that was 25 feet away. My car was on Drive when he hit me but guess who's fault it is MINE UNBELIEVABLE he clearly was to blame but because I am the one leaving the parking spot. I was fuming, but I feel better now. I have never had so much bad luck with a car, two days after getting my car, someone in the parking lot dented my side door, then in December the accident, and in February, when I was in Costa Rica, Jose went to the Mall and someone hit the bumper again and left a huge scratch, yes they left, and now this. I think this car has bad karma. I have had the car for less then a year, actually it will be a year at the month.

Last night Gaby did so good she let us sleep, she did not wake up till 5:30 am, Anthony is with my mom on his way here because she is going to a cruise with my sis and both grandma's. He stayed at her house because he was sleeping and we did not want to wake him up. Anthony has so much fun when he's at my moms everyone spoils him. Yesterday he was "helping" my dad who is restoring a car for fun. I thought he looked so cute.


  1. wow, i'll be pissed. So they gave you the ticket?

  2. No, they didn't give us a ticket, but the way the cop talked, he made it sound like we'll get screwed anyway...Oh well.

  3. yup, that's the attitude, it'll get repaired, material stuff right?hey, we need to see the one month old gabby's picture!!!

  4. K-So that photo?? My husband asked why I was snorting in such an unattractive fashion. ;)

    Ug...Car trauma SUCKS. I know it all too well. My sympathies.

  5. Babe, you need to post more! I think our life is more entertaining from you point of view....