Minty Fresh

Wow, it has been a long time since I have blogged but it just crazy here at home with the kids. Last Saturday we decided to get out of the house, and we ended up in Key Largo. We did a lot first we went to Jose's friends house to have a Graduation lunch and then we drove to Miami to Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, its a very beautiful. Anyway when we got to Key Largo we stopped at a gas station to wait for Jose's sister, that was diving there, to go to dinner. I smelled mint gum and I thought it was Jose chewing gum. I noticed that Anthony was playing with paper with I wondered were it came from and when I turned around I saw that he had gotten to my small purse. He had eaten all but two pieces of trident gum. We couldn't do anything about it so we let nature take its course. The next day Anthony pooped minty fresh smelling poop. I didn't know that that could happen, Jose and I were laughing every time that we had to change his diaper.

I had a lot of blogging ideas but this week I found a new hobby,scrap booking. Jose sister and I have started our own group, every Tuesday and Thursday. I have been doing pretty well but my problem is that I never printed any of the pictures that we have taken of Anthony and Gaby. So I decided to join Shutterfly, which is great because I don't have to leave the house, not that I don't like to leave, its that with two small children I prefer to stay home. So I uploaded all the pictures I liked and I am going to have to print them a little at a time because I have over 200 pictures. It took me almost a whole day to go through all the folders with pictures that we have. I am really excited to finally be doing this. I also need pictures for my frames in which I have pictures of the cats but not of my kids, thats pretty sad, I have professional pictures of Anthony, Gaby and of Jose Graduation that have no frames. Thats another project that I have to work on too.


  1. Jon and I are batting about the Keys or Costa Rica for our 10th anniversary. It's a quandary.

  2. The Keys are good for diving and snorkeling. There isn't really any beach there. In Costa Rica they have the volcanoes, beaches, and the rain forest. Maybe this can help you decide were to go. Jose, I, and the kids are going to CR in October.