Wannabe Nemo

Last night was my sister High School Graduation, so the whole family was there. My moms mom and her husband,and my step dad's parents. Anyway on the way to the car my grandmother says I have something for Anthony. When it comes to her you have to worry about her giving you things, I am not sure were she gets all this crap, yes crap. She sometimes even picks up stuff from garbages. YUCK! She is a Pack Rat. Anyway Monkey Doodle got the Ugliest Wannabe Nemo, and he is in love with it. I am trying to get rid of stuff and here she is adding to it. I just had to vent.


  1. Hey, I like it. It's a cross between a clown fish and a chameleon, I couldn't ask for a better gift.

  2. the eyes look kind of dislocated...

  3. ACK!!!! Your grandmother and my father!!!

    He just piles and piles stuff on. Not That I am not grateful but I have a TINY HOUSE and do not need 5 ROCKING CHAIRS!!!!!!

    (Me bitching about antiques. Sigh. But still, it's a problem!)

  4. I completely understand Loralee.