Almost 2

23days and counting down till Monkey Doodle turns 2. I can't believe it, time is just going so fast. I am so excited about his party we are having it at a clubhouse that has a pool and a playground. I figured we do it there were everyone can enjoy themselves. My mom wanted to do it at chuck e cheese but we have a lot of friends that don't have kids, so this is much better plus it was free, you can't get any better than that. I had his invitations made on Shutterfly, with a picture of him in the front. They'll come in next week hopefully by sept 9th. He is talking a lot and repeats every thing we say. He is starting to put words together to make small sentences in Spanish, in English he knows words but since I speak to him in Spanish he communicates better in it, and so does everyone else, and even my neighbor who does not speak Spanish is learning Spanish with him, I think thats really neat.

Now about Gaby....she is sooooooooooo cute. She is cooing more and giggles if you tickle her. She pushes her body up with her arms, and also turns around so maybe soon she'll start crawling. She is 3 1/2 months old and loves to sleep on our bed. She sleeps through the night but in the mornings when I feed her, I'll sometimes feed her in our bed and she'll sleep for about another 5 hours, waking up at about 11:30 am. She also starting to hold toys in her hand and recognizes our faces and gives us this great big smiles, that I just love.