I hate cleaning bathrooms. When we bought our Townhouse I hated that we had more toilets than bedrooms. Until recently I would complain. We went to NY for Christmas and New Years. We stayed with family the whole time. With 2 of of my aunts actually. One which lives in a 1 bedroom apartment that the living room was turned into a second bedroom. Our entire family was great, let me just get that out. I am not complaining! My aunt gave us her bedroom and the 4 of us slept there. That first night we waited in line to use the bathroom. lol! There was 9 of us in this apartment, yes NINE with only one bathroom. We were there for about 4 days, then we stayed with my other aunt who has the a Townhouse. We definitely had more room to move around but again only ONE bathroom for 9 people. When we got home I was never so happy to not have to share a bathroom with ANYONE. How about you? How do you feel about just having one bathroom or multiple?


Scariest Day of my life

Lets start from the beginning. Jose and I both bought some Groupon deals for Barnes and Noble, $10 for $20. Awesome deal!!! We decided we were going to get the kids some Dr. Seuss books. We chose to go on Tuesday night. Jose came home early which is very out of the ordinary but if you know Jose he would live in a Barnes and Noble if it were possible. lol! We had dinner and off we went. We get a spot pretty close to the store. BTW our Barnes and Noble is ALWAYS packed. Jose unbuckles Anthony and I get Gaby and she fuckin takes off running. Jose and I yelled and then I see an SUV coming right at her. I run towards her just in time. The SUV must have heard me scream because it stop just centimeters from us. I bring her back to my car, I calmly tell her not to run on the street EVER again. I fuckin lose it after that. I started shaking and crying. Even now I can't fathom if things had been different. I start hyperventilating. NOT GOOD! My anxiety level has gone up a lot. I fear everything, ever since the plane incident. I have to go. I'm taking Gaby to the Nature Park.