We're Back

So last year we decided to go away for the holidays, and thats what we did for Christmas this year we went away to Orlando. We left Sunday at 5 in the morning which was good the kids slept the entire way there. We did not have to stop, we made it to Orlando in less then 3 hours.

This is Anthony's face when we were getting to Disney World he was looking at the entrance which is a big arch were they have a Mickey, Minnie and Donald Duck.
We went to Epcot that day, it was Ok, not a park to take kids, I should have known since I have been there but Jose wanted to go there rather than Animal Kingdom. Anthony did get to meet ALL the characters Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, and Goofy and he loved it. It was hilarious to see him in the line to meet them and take pictures, he was like an obsessed fan, crying and screaming for Mickey and holding on to the pole while I was pulling him away to continue in the line. Then when we finally got to Mickey he was in total shock he was just staring at him in disbelief. It was the funniest thing I have ever seen.

Christmas Eve we spent it at Magic Kingdom and it was amazing the weather was perfect the decorations looked beautiful. We saw the Christmas Parade and the Night Christmas show which both were very pretty and Anthony enjoyed it very much. Every time he saw a Disney character his eyes would light up.

We did not go on any rides because the lines were just to long and Anthony would not appreciate them any way, but Anthony did play in two playgrounds, one by Mickey Mouse's House and the other was Pooh's house which in both he had a blast. The park was actually going to be open till 1 am but we were just to tired and left at about 8 pm.

We had Christmas dinner at a Denny's close to the Hotel, and that was a mess it took forever, they were short staffed.
Anyway Christmas Day we spent it a Sea World and that was a lot of fun. I had made reservations to have lunch Backstage of the Believe show which is the one with Shamu the Killer whale. That was pretty cool the tank is right next to you and you could see the whale. I wanted to do something nice for Christmas for all of us to enjoy. After that we got to see the Shamu show from reserve sitting, seats weren't to bad.

They had a giant playground we kids could play and a place were kids could play in the water. Which of course Anthony played in for a every long time, we left that park at about 6pm. On Wednesday we did not do much we spent the day at Downtown Disney and did some shopping, and then hung out at the hotel at night and watched Ratatouille the newest movie to our collection. On Thursday we decided to go to Kennedy Space Center. It was manly for Jose he waned to got there and look around and they had a simulated launch which Jose went on I did not go I stayed behind with the kids that were sleeping. After we did that we came home and that was the end of our holiday vacation. Now back to reality I am NOT looking forward to New Years we are already being torn between the two families. AHHH! I just wish we would move away so that I wouldn't have to deal with this ridiculous issues about who spends what time with who.


Happy Holidays!!

This is hilarious.


My days are NEVER boring.

Where do I begin today when I was making breakfast, I noticed that both of the kids where very quiet but I did think much of it. When I got to the living room it was a whole different story. Anthony had gotten to the corn starch. It was pretty much every where, the floor, the sofa, Gaby and even the cat, but I couldn't get a picture of him.

That's Gaby trying to reach the corn starch to eat it.

On Monday Anthony took half of the Christmas balls out of the tree and put them in Gaby's play pen with her in it. She was having a blast with the Christmas balls. When I was taking them out to put them back on the tree she started crying hysterically, all because I would let her eat them. She had glitter everywhere on her face.

This is her crying with glitter all over her face.