I painted the living room and dinning room, and it looks good. I am very happy with the colors that I chose. Olive Tree and Warm Sand at first I was going to do sponge painting put it looked HORRIBLE. I almost freaked myself out luckily I was able to paint over it. So I painted opposite walls a different color. Wells it not completely done we ran out of paint for the entrance hall way but that won't take me long to do. I am very excited that the tile is going to be put in this week everything is coming together.

This is what it Sponge painting looked, I did not like it at all.


Feeling Better

I have been feeling better these last couple of days. I don't know what might have changed except that I moved my Dr appointment a week and he gave a RX but I haven't taken it, for the nausea, anyway I guess that I am done with the first trimester. Next month on Dec 15 is my sonogram. I can't wait, I want to see the baby. I don't think I have realized yet that I am pregnant. Maybe when I see him/her I will believe it, even though I have been very sick. Can you believe I lost 7lbs from my last appointment 3 weeks ago. I hope that that is over now.

With Monkey Doodle we had a difficult time finding a name that we could agree on. It was very stressful but we managed on our own. But this time we have decided to ask for help. We ask whoever reads this blog to please give us some ideas of names. Please not anything to complicated we need our Spanish speaking family has to be able t say it too. It could be for either girl or boy since we still have no idea was he/she is.

Quiet time:
It weird not to hear my Monkey Doodle in the morning. I woke up this morning think that he was here but he is at grandmas having a blast. My mom spoils that kid so much it unbelievable. Monkey Doodle has more cloths than me and Jose put together, and let me not go into all the toys he has, I think this is all kids you give them a toy they'll play with it for 2 minutes and then play with the box it came in. Thanks for reading my blabs I have to go a clean. I am having company over today.



Yes, it's true baby #2 is on its way. We have kept to ourselves just because we weren't ready to announce it too soon. Baby #2 is about 15 weeks old and making me very sick. This is nothing like my monkey doodle, he was so easy, and this was exactly what I was afraid of that one pregnancy would be easy and the other would be hell, well not really hell but you know what I mean. Nothing has been helping with the morning sickness,you know what it shouldn't be called morning sickness if it's all day. I can barely eat I have actually been losing weight which is ok in the beginning, but I really hope it ends soon.
We have decided to do some remodeling of the house, which I am VERY excited about, we are taking all the rug out putting tile all downstairs. Which I'm picking out the tile for right now, yes multi-tasking, only we (women) can do that. We are also taking the rug out from upstairs and putting hardwood floors and I am finally going to finish painting the rest of the house. Since we have decided to stay in Florida might as well make this house our Home. Things are moving along great. I'll be updating on the baby and the house and chance that I can get, having a 13 month old can really keep you busy, how I wish I could stay home with him, which is something that we are working on for the near future.