Everything will be O.K.

I think the reason the kids have been acting out is because our house is really chaotic right now. We are having wood floors put in and the carpet taken out. We are also painting and fixing the base boards downstairs. It taking longer then expected because we are waiting for some material to come in for the stairs and the guy working on the house is taking forever. He is really slow put at least he is doing a good job. I can't until everything is done. I am looking forward to the end product. We have finally painted our room after living here for almost five years. We painted a light green. After we painted I realized that almost every room in the house has some sort of green wall. I guess that must be what my subconscious wants. lol!

This is a picture of the new floors in the monkeys room. I love it. I think that they have the coolest room ever.

I haven't uploaded the picture from our room yet but I will post some as soon as we done with it completely. I think this weekend we are going to get the monkeys bunk beds from IKEA. I really LOVE that place. I love the one in this pic.



I think I might just be losing my f#%# mind. My kids are seriously driving up the F$%@ wall. Today has been a H.O.R.R.I.B.L.E. day. Gaby wont stop crying. She crys for anything, and Monkey isn't helping. He keeps messing with her. I am seriously counting down the days until he starts school. I am looking forward to more time to keep up with the house and just handling one kid. It is so frustrating. I think that I might be going to some sort of depression because I don't feel right. I lose my temper pretty quietly and I have no patience whatsoever. I am going to NY in April just for the weekend to be with my sister on her birthday. It is just me going. I really need this break. That's that I have to get back to the chaos.