Quiet Weekend

We had a quiet weekend. Saturday we went to Las Olas Riverfront had pizza at this little pizza place it was so good, then we went Jose's cousins house and watched a movie Children of Men. It was pretty good. Yesterday we stayed home most of the day and Gaby had colic, it was pretty bad. She didn't sleep much during the day only 10 mins at a time then she would wake up screaming, my poor little princess. Last night I found some drops for colic and it worked like a charm. She slept from 8pm-12:30am, she was making up for the time she did not sleep during he day. Today she has been doing great she is taking a nap right now and so is the monkey doodle, we are enjoying the quiet time. That will end pretty soon when the doodle get up.

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  1. hay pochita,
    she is too small for those colics... and monkey? what did he do in the middle of all that crying? make sure you cover her extremely well when you go out... remember that up to the 45 days rule...at least the baby nees the extra warm.