One month

It has been a month since I have not been working, and it feels perfect, I don't have the stress that I had, and I am a more like able person. I do what I like, I cook everyday. Jose likes that he gets home and dinner is done.

Monkey Doodle is doing good, he is very helpful around the house, he put Gaby's diapers in the garbage, he feeds the cat, and even helps me when I am cooking I ask him to bring me something and he gets it for me. We make tents together and study the alphabet. He repeats the letters but I don't think he knows yet what he is doing. Yesterday I was making pizza for lunch and he took the pepperonis and put them all in his mouth, he thought it was hilarious, but I did manage to get some before he ran off for the pizza.

Monkey's Tent. He loved it.

Monkey feeding the cat.

Monkey shoving pepperonis in his mouth.


  1. Of course you do, Jose.

    I love being a SAHM. Seriously, it is just nice. It's worth the paycut and living on one salary.