Well it has been a long time since I last wrote. A lot has happened last week we had a bad week I had a miscarriage, I wasn't even aware that I was pregnant. Even though we do not want any more kids, I was sad that it happened. Me and birth control just don't get along. I got pregnant with Monkey Doodle on the depo shot, and now I had an IUD and I still got pregnant, only 6 months after putting it on. When I got the IUD they told me that when I started my period that it be long and painful, but when my menstrual was going on it 15th day and very very painful cramps, I knew that something wasn't right. I researched for miscarriages online and I knew that that's what was happening to me. The next day I went to that doctor with Jose and it was confirmed, my doctor was very worried that I might have a Ectopic pregnancy so that same day I had the IUD removed and had a sonogram done. Luckily it was not ectopic, then Friday I had a d and c done. Friday was hard for me I was very emotional but I felt a lot better on Saturday, back to my normal self. It was really hard for me to not do anything on Friday I am just not the person to lay on the couch all day. Well that was that.
To keep my mind off what happened I decided to finally decorate the kids room. It is not completely done but I don't have much left. I painted green and red. Yeah I know strange colors but I am very happy on how it turned out.

I have to say I love IKEA. We finally got one in south Florida, it is my new favorite store. I still have some wall storage I have to get, I went yesterday to IKEA and the did not have it. I bought these giant leaves also that I want to put by the bookshelves, and dresser that they also ran out of. Hopefully by this weekend the room will be completely done. Anthony likes it a lot, every time he walks in he says "wow, mommy pintar" (wow, mom painted). I am very happy with it and can not wait till it is done, and move on to the next thing which is their bathroom. I be posting pictures of it soon.