Two Months Old

Gaby is 2 months old today and she had her Doctors appointment. I hate when they have to get shots, it just breaks my heart when I see the tears fall. Anyway.... the Dr. said that she is doing great. She is weighing 11lbs 6oz which is almost double her weight when she was born. She is smiling a lot and cooing, occasionally. She is sleeping most of the night, 6-8 hrs. I have to say that I am pretty lucky that both of my kids are good sleepers. Now if only Monkey Doodle would sleep in his toddler bed things would be perfect. The other day he got out of the crib, very scary. Monkey Doodle is doing good with Gaby, he just doesn't know his strength, but he is very sweet with her, gives her kisses all the time and always wants to help. He is talking a lot , repeats everything we say so we have to be careful now. I have been trying to potty train him and now he tells me that he is going to poop but by the time we get to the bathroom he is already done, but I am not in any hurry, I know that he will eventually go to the potty when he is ready.

I have been feeling pretty good, I walk 2-3 times a week about an hour every time, but last week it rained the whole week and this past two days I have had so many things to do and tomorrow I have to go to my job and tell them that I am not going back, I am very nerves. I am very happy, I have lost 17lbs since Gaby was born, and I am planning on losing a lot more I want to go back to what I weigh when I got married.


  1. Could you please potty train the cat too?

  2. lol jose, funny... Gabby must be so cute, and monkey doodle is doing great if he already announces, even if it means he has just done it. Yes happily, the kid is doing much better. We'll make arrangements, it'll have to be after he finishes his antibiotics!!