Monkey and my little cousin Carolina.
It has been a long time, lots has gone on Monkey is a lot bigger and very demanding. He hates when anyone touches my belly he says it his. I have told him that the baby is there and he gives her kisses and rubs it, but if someone else does it he gets mad and pushes them away and there are times when he hits that person including his father. This morning he told us to pretty much be quiet, we where having breakfast and he was playing with his food, so I told him to stop,and he replied by putting his finger on his mouth and said ssh! We were completely amazed that he even knew how to do that. But yeah thats our 17 month old now.

This was the most beautiful view it of the city San Jose. It was not easy going up this mountain to get to the resort where she got married the last 2 miles is dirt road and there is nothing protecting you from falling off the edge.

My cousin Karla and her now husband Josue.

I took 10 days off of work and went to Costa Rica with Monkey for my cousins wedding. I haven't been in 6 years last time I went Jose and I had just met, and now I went back and they could not believe that I was married and had a growing family they were all so happy to see me. It was a lot of fun except for the part where Anthony got a stomach virus the day that we were leaving Florida, that was a nightmare lucky my grandma was with me and she was able to help me out. I am telling you if it wasn't for her being there I would have canceled the whole trip. I had 3 changes of cloths and all 3 got dirty before we even got on the plane. I had to buy him a shirt at the airport to get him on the plane. For the next 3 days he was sick he barely ate and he did not want to sleep in the pack n play, this was the first time in his life that he slept with me in the same bed. He did not want to go with anyone, he wanted me to carry him all the time but of course I can't he is way to heavy for me to carry. He also had four teeth coming in at the same time. After a couple of days he was back to his normal self and we were able to enjoy our trip we went to a volcano and a waterfall were he almost lost a shoe, my aunts husband and his son had to go down to the river and get it back.

This picture is when they were bringing the shoe back.
This is the waterfall Catarata La Paz which means The Peace Waterfall.

My aunt, me, her husband and monkey doodle.
I can't wait till I go back to Costa Rica there is so much I want to show Jose, hopefully we can all go in October for my other cousins wedding, which is the sister of the one that just go married. I just wonder how we are going to manage with two little ones. We are going to need a vacation from that trip. haha!


  1. you went to Costa Rica? I thought you said you were going to the store...no wonder it took so long

  2. It is so beautiful there! It looks like you all had a really good time.

  3. P.S.
    Jose, you crack me up.