8 months old

Well Gaby is 8 months old. She is crawling and standing up now, she has two teeth that came out about a week ago. She is eating solids, she loves strawberries, well any fruit or food that you put in front of her. I actually think she eats more than Monkey Doodle did at her age. She follows us every where we go and she gets really excited when Monkey Doodle comes in the room, he makes her laugh, he does silly things like jump and pretends that he falls a hurts himself, and she cracks up. Its funny to see her look up to him, I hope that they can always get along but I know that this will not always be, so I will just enjoy it for now until it ends. The other day we put them both in the play pen and they were doing so well, Monkey Doodle actually wanted to sleep in there with Gaby and this morning we did the same thing and he was playing peek a boo with her. It was so adorable. On Fridays we go to the library for story time and a play time, one Friday during playtime Gaby was playing with a toy and another kid came a took it, Anthony got mad he went to the kid and told him that was Gaby's toy and took the toy back and gave it to Gaby. I thought that was so sweet. I love my babies.