Home Sweet Home

We have been home for about 2 hours. Gaby ate and is now taking a nap, I wanted to take a nap but can't fall asleep. Jose has been great he won't let me do anything, I could get used to this. Monkey Doodle is at my Godmothers house and he does not miss us at all. He will be going to my moms house later today, and of course my mom is thrilled, I am so happy that we are in Florida and not some other state where no family can help. So maybe Florida is not so bad.
I can't believe that they let us go home so early, but I am glad that I am home. I could not sleep when I finally got Gaby to fall asleep we got company in the next bed at 2:30 A.M. They talked the whole time and did not turn off the light until 6A.M. and at 6:30 A.M. they came in to take blood from me, so I could say that I did not sleep. Well I have to catch up on my shows that I missed yesterday, I am so happy that we have a DVR, it will definitely come in handy now that I have two kids at home.

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