We're Back!

Yes we are back, Home Sweet Home. The trip did not start how we expected it but hey at least we survived 5 day out of the country with the kids. To start off, on Thursday we woke up late, then when we went to the Airport the Airline (Spirit) made us pay for Anthony, even though I called back in April when we bought our tickets and asked if he had to pay full price or just taxes, the retard on the other line said No, both of the kids just have to pay for taxes. What sucks the most is that we paid more for Anthony's ticket then Jose's and mine combined. Then when we got to Costa Rica it just got worst the Airline LOST the kids luggage, everything we had for them was gone. I mean everything the outfits for the wedding, shoes, pj's, everything, I had to buy them new cloths, because there are no little kids in the family except for my kids. Then when we get there it turned out that we had to stay at my grandmothers house because my cousin apartment had issues with the hot water and that was another thing I did not want to do because my grandmother has major issues, I would write about it but I could spend ALL day on it. Then every time I would ask how to get to the bus, to go outside the city, to the beach or a volcano, my mother especially, wanted to freak us out and tell us that we would get mugged or stabbed which is not true. She just wanted to mess with our plans, I don't know why maybe she was mad or jealous of the cool things that we wanted to do. Anyway besides ALL that we had a pretty good time, Friday we did a coffee tour, Saturday we went to the wedding. After the wedding Jose and his sister and her boyfriend went to the Pacific Ocean. I stayed back because it was a 3 hour bus ride and I did not want to do that with the kids to stay at the beach for a couple of hours and then come back. I stayed back and talk to a friend of mine that actually moved to Costa Rica 3 years ago and we got together and spoke for hours she met the kids and spent the night with us. The next day the 4 and my friend went to the capital walked around and bought some souvenirs,while Jose sister and her boyfriend went to a Volcano. Then on Monday we went to a National Park and did the Canopy thing and a Sky Bucket which was pretty cool and walked around the park. When we got back from that The Airline called my aunt told her that the bag was found and that we could pick it up, but it was to late then since we were leaving Tuesday anyway. We just asked for our bag when we were at the ticket counter. It turned out that the bag was at Fort Lauderdale airport for 2 days and then it was sent to the Dominican Republic and then to Costa Rica. So I am going to call our friend who is an attorney and have her write a letter about the whole ordeal and see if maybe we get get some our money back. I will NEVER fly with Spirit Airlines ever again.

The Family on the Sky Bucket.

The view from the Sky Bucket.

Eating after our Coffee Tour.

That's me, I was very scared.

Jose on the canopy.

The main reason we went to Costa Rica, my cousin's Wedding. It was beautiful.

The wedding was at a Amusement park, on a part of the park call Pueblo Antiguo, meaning Old Town. It supposed to be how Costa Rica used to look like back in the day. It had everything there a little Market which is were the reception was held and they had a City Hall i mean everything you would find in a town they had it there even a train.


The things that come out of my 2 year old's mouth

We are sitting down on the sofa watching The Dailey Show with Jon Stewart, and Jose says "Gaby just took a really big crap." Anthony says "Holy Crap", then we are quiet again and I mentioned to Jose that Jennifer Lopez is pregnant Anthony answer "REALLY?". I love my monkey doodle, he makes me laugh all the time, sometimes I can not believe the things that come out of his mouth.


Every Busy

This weekend was non-stop. Saturday I had a Baby Shower at 9:30 am, then at 2pm we had a kid's birthday party in Jupiter which is about 1 hour away, then a 7pm we had Jose's Party for his 10 year High School reunion, which was a Black Tie affair, but luckily the party was close to my moms house, so we got ready there and left the kids there. On Sunday we had the 10 year High School reunion picnic, which was also my moms birthday. I also had to do all the laundry because we are leaving on Thursday to go to Costa Rica which I am really excited about, since this time we are ALL going, including Jose's sister and her boyfriend. The main reason we are going is because my cousin is getting married on Saturday. I have to pick up the house before we leave because I hate to come back from vacation to a messy house. do have all the outfits for the kids and mine but now I have to actually put it in the luggage. All I really want to do is sleep, I am so exhausted.


Lucky 5

Yesterday Gaby turned 5 months old and it was also our 5 year anniversary. If you would have told me 5 years ago that this would be my life I would have laughed, especially the part were we have 2 kids. To tell you the truth we weren't planning on having kids for a long time, but I am not complaining, I am very happy with my life. Anyway we did not exchange gifts since next week we are going to Costa Rica I rather use that money and spend it over there, but we did go out to to dinner. "A" took the kids so that Jose and I could enjoy a nice dinner at The Melting Pot it a fondue restaurant. I have to say I give this restaurant two thumbs up. It was delicious, we started with a cheese fondue, I also had Yin and Yang drink, actually 2, which was delicious, we had caesar salads, then for our main course we had Mojo Style cooking, we chose Fondue fusion which had lobster, steak, chicken, pork, ravioli, rigatoni, and fresh veggies. It was delicious and you can not forget dessert. By the time dessert came I was stuffed, really really stuffed, but we continued to eat, we chose Chocolate S'mores OH MY GOD is all I have to say, it was so good, no GREAT, for dippers we got marshmallows covered with graham cracker and some with Oreo cookies, there was also strawberries, brownies, rice crispes, pound cake, and a delicious cheesecake. The restaurant is a little pricey but it was so worth it. So if you guys have one near you should definitely try it out.



Healthy Kids

This was at Chuck E Cheese the other day with his little cousin.

This is Gaby being cute like always.

Today I took both of our children to the Dr. for wells check up Anthony is 32 1/2 lb I think he is 35 inches tall, the Dr said he looks great and to continue to do whatever it is that I am doing. Gaby is 15lbs and measures 25 inches, she is also doing very well for her age. I asked the Dr about giving her cereal, food and etc, because my mother keeps nagging me to give her food now, but the Dr said that only if I feel it is necessary, which I don't think it is, she is the the high percentile for her age and she is not complaining so I will not start food until she is 6 months, or starts eating more often.



I swear I have memorized the movie Cars, I know every line, and every song in the freaking movie, thanks to my 2 year old. It all started yesterday, when he saw a commercial with Lightning McQueen, I do not have the movie here its actually at my mothers house and to top it off Jose took my car which has Monkey doodles car seat in it. I tried to entertain him with some other shows I tried Mickey Mouse, Barney, and Pooh nothing worked he kept bring the remote control to me and "Carro (car in spanish) rvmm rvmm!" He was not buying it, I knew he liked cars but I did not know that it was this much. So I called my lifesaver, my friend and neighbor, to ask if she would go buy one for him, and it turned out that she had one but it was in her husband truck but the good thing is that he works down the street. I thought it was pretty funny that they have that movie since they have no kids. anyway...... I SWEAR I have seen it 5 times TODAY and I have been out of the house most of the day. 'sigh' Every time the movie finishes Anthony ask to replay it. I have that song from Rascal Flatts "Life is a Highway" stuck in my head.

Don't get me wrong like this group but when you hear the same song ALL DAY LONG it is bound to make you crazy. Enjoy!!