Guess what Anthony can do?

Anthony has been saying many little words in Spanish, I think it great that he can communicate. Well today I asked him where his peepee is and he touch his diaper and said peepee, and started laughing. I thought it was so cute that he knows where his peepee is. The other day I was changing his diaper and he said STOP, he also said stop when I was tickling him, it amazes me to see how much he knows and understands. The only thing we are having trouble with is the anything that has 4 legs is a gato (cat in Spanish) we are working on that but when he sees a cat on TV he recognizes it and says gato.
He loves music anything that maybe playing he dances to. He twirls around, bounces up and down, and also tries snap his fingers. TO CUTE!
We let him feed himself now, and he does get 90% of the food in his mouth the rest goes to the cats, he just loves to feed them.

I have been feeling pretty good, just that this week that I have a cold but thats about it. On Monday we have another Dr. appt. and sonogram can wait to see my little girl again. I don't remember if we had mentioned it but yeah we are having a GIRL. We have actually decided on a name, this time it was a lot easier, I don't know why but here it is Gabriella, no middle name well not yet. I like by itself.