Recently Jose and I decided that we are going to stay in our townhouse. They main reason we wanted to move was because we wanted a better school for Monkey Doodle but 2 weeks ago he got into a new Charter School opening in the fall. We are so excited. Since then we have wanted to improve the house. We've done a lot to it since we have moved here. We've taken all the rug out of the entire house. We put tile floor throughout the first floor and we did laminate floors on the stairs and in the bedrooms.
This past weekend I was looking at Ikea online and I saw some things that I would like for the kitchen. Our townhouse doesn't have enough storage space. My pantry was overflowing and nothing bothers me more than clutter. We got ready and headed to Ikea I found an awesome bookshelf , a wine rack, and a shelf. I needed more counter space too. I had all my small kitchen appliances on the counter and it felt cluttered.
There was a small accident when Jose and I finished building the bookshelf. We were flipping it over to stand it up, it slipped and landed on my toes. It was very painful. I ended up going to an Urgent Care Center where they took x-rays and luckily we found out I had no broken bones, but I did have to wear one of those ugly shoes for 3 days.
Anyway, unfortunately I have no pictures of what the kitchen looked before but trust me you aren't missing much. :0)
This little improvement cost under $140. The bookshelf was $70, the wine rack and the shelf above the bookshelf was about $20 and the green baskets, from Target, were $10 a piece. This improvement has made a big difference in the kitchen, I love it. It almost made me want to sleep in there the first night. :0)


It's not just shampoo.

As a stay at home mother, I'm in charge of all the bills. Well actually I pretty much have to care of everything. I find the best deals for everything. I use coupons and buy things on sale. I put myself last in everything. I don't buy clothes or shoes or anything that I actually need, until recently. I have decided that I need to take care of ME. So before we went on vacation I took $200 and went clothes shopping for ME. I got 3 shorts, 4 shirts, and 2 pairs of shoes. BTW I only spent $150 of the $200. I know I must be crazy, not to spend all of it. I just couldn't use it all. Especially since I got more than I thought I was going to get. Little steps. lol!
The other day I needed shampoo so on my weekly grocery shopping I decided that I did not want or deserve the cheap one. I bought the shampoo that I used to use before we had kids and I LOVE it. Its the little things.


Happy 4th Birthday!!

Today my little princess turns 4. I seriously can't believe it. She talks waaay too much. She acts like she is much older than she is.


Love, your mommy


Home, sweet, home.

We are back !! We left Friday morning (4/29) to Gainesville, FL. Jose graduated from the University of Florida with a Masters in Electrical and Computer Engineering. We are so proud. On Saturday we started our week long vacation at Disney World, of course. We decided to celebrate Gaby's birthday and Jose's graduation where all dreams come true. Hopefully I will be able to blog about everything we did and ate while we were away. This trip was the first time we did the Disney Dinning Plan. I hope to include some great tips. We also had an incident with a Disney Employee that I hope will never happen again.