My Monkey Doodle

Monkey Doodle is getting so big so fast. In a little over two months he will be two years old. I can't believe it, time goes to fast. He is a lot of work but I have been able to manage. Last week I took him to the water park and he loved it he did not want to leave. When we finally left, after 5 hours at the pool, he was whipped out when we got home he fell asleep while eating dinner. I have never seen him do that he always eats his dinner. He is repeating everything we say. He says "Oh My God" all the time. He now knows the difference between a cat and a dog, but all other animals are also cat and dogs. If you ask him to make the animal noise he does it, he knows monkey well and even does the hand movement it's really cute. He knows his own name and can point at a person and tell you who they are mama, papa, tia (aunt), tio (uncle), he calls my mom and dad tita and tito, he know tu (you) and yo (I). He speaks mostly Spanish, but he does understand English.
He loves his little sister last week she got shots so she had bandage on her leg and he would point at it and say "Gaby Ouch" and kiss it, that has to be the sweetest thing ever. I am so glad that he is not the jealous type. Going out the three of us has been getting easier every time last Friday Jose wanted us to have lunch with him and his co workers and I was out in about 20 minutes, not bad since the first time it took me about an hour. Anyway on Saturday my mom picked up Anthony to take him to Lion Country Safari before they went to the park my mom took him to breakfast, just so you know before they left I gave Monkey a fruit cup so that it would hold him up till the ate at IHOP, so my mom calls me 10 minutes later and tells me Monkey is crying because they had to wait to be seated and he was signing food to her, obviously he was hungry. People must think that I starve the kid or something every where we go he ask for food even if he just ate. So they finally get seated and Monkey starts pretending to eat the food off the menu, and every time the waitress passed by with food he would sign to her food and start to cry. I thought it was hilarious that he did that and my mom was mortified. He did a similar thing to me last week when we went to the Auto Repair shop the receptionist had baby carrots in a zip lock bag and he took my sisters hand and took her to the carrots, pointed at them and then started to sign. The lady then gave him one and I almost died of embarrassment, and to top it off on our way out she gave him 3 more for the ride. The kid eats all day long, thats why I have to have fruits between each meal. He is so good about eating, he will eat almost anything, except for plantains, for some reason he won't eat those.
So that is my Monkey Doodle I am so proud of everything he has learned, I hope that that I am doing the right thing.

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  1. Okidoki, ready for babies adventures!!! Call me anytime we can now meet up, get the kids to play and have fun, either at the water park, beach, pool...etc!!!