Golden Birthday

Saturday was my Golden Birthday and we celebrated by going to Orlando without the kids. Yeah it was wrong not taking them but they would not enjoy it, they are too little. We went to Animal Kingdom to try the new Everest ride, and to Sea World because Jose had never been there. It was great, we left the kids with my mother and she was more than happy to take them. On Saturday we went to Sea World, I think the last time I was there was when I was 16, not much has changed they have this new ride Kranken, very scary. I don't know what it is, maybe it is because I am getting older or all the stories you hear about people getting hurt on rides, but there is a point right before we drop that I want to yell and get the hell off the ride. I know it silly but you just never know what could happen. Anyway...After Sea World we had dinner at Downtown Disney to Portobello and it was delicious, I had lobster tails with pasta and Jose had a steak with potatoes. On Sunday we went to Animal Kingdom, we really like this park, it like a big Zoo, they have Everest a roller coaster and the ride is AWESOME, really there is a part where you go backwards in the pitch dark. In Animal Kingdom they have a lot of shows too and we saw Finding Nemo the Musical, and it was good. Thats all we did there because we have seen everything when we went 3yrs ago, plus we are going back in November with the kids, to make it up to them. We got a 3 day pass that we can use until Dec 24 for any Disney Park and Sea World has a Fun Pass which you pay for one day and come back for the rest of the year. I know that Anthony will like Animal Kingdom and Sea World because of all the animals that they have, I just can't wait to take them well mainly Anthony even though he won't remember going there this young. I am so happy that we did this trip I think it was necessary, don't get me wrong we love our kids but sometimes you need alone time. Jose took the camera to work, I am not sure why but as soon as he brings it back it will post pictures.


Sneaky Little Monkey

Monkey Doodle he is to cute. Yesterday I made Cinnamon Rolls and two were left. Today I was feeding Gaby I noticed that Monkey Doodle was quiet. Well it was because he got to the rolls.

He ate them both.



I joke a lot with Jose about him having A.D.D., but today he has proved it. I was in he living room on the laptop, and he was in the kitchen washing the dishes, then he went upstairs to upload his IPOD. I'll just post the picture and you tell me if he has ADD or not. I swear this is exactly as he left it.

There is soap and water still in the bottle.


Not Again

Yesterday started off as a good day. Jose went fishing with my brother and my sisters boyfriend.

Jose planned for us to go to dinner and a movie with his sister and her boyfriend. I left the kids at my moms in the early afternoon we came back home had a 2 hour nap, very needed, got up went to the Sawgrass Mills Mall, it's a giant Outlet Mall with a movie theater. On our way out of the parking spot and car hit us, the bastard thought he could get by fast enough so he sped up and hit the back of my car, He took the bumper completely off. I was so pissed I started banging on the stirring wheel and yelling at the guy which turns out to be a barely 18 year old kid. I swear parking lots don't like me in December on my way to lunch I hit a customer's car, but I sincerely did not see him. But the kid from last night I saw him from the stop sign that was 25 feet away. My car was on Drive when he hit me but guess who's fault it is MINE UNBELIEVABLE he clearly was to blame but because I am the one leaving the parking spot. I was fuming, but I feel better now. I have never had so much bad luck with a car, two days after getting my car, someone in the parking lot dented my side door, then in December the accident, and in February, when I was in Costa Rica, Jose went to the Mall and someone hit the bumper again and left a huge scratch, yes they left, and now this. I think this car has bad karma. I have had the car for less then a year, actually it will be a year at the month.

Last night Gaby did so good she let us sleep, she did not wake up till 5:30 am, Anthony is with my mom on his way here because she is going to a cruise with my sis and both grandma's. He stayed at her house because he was sleeping and we did not want to wake him up. Anthony has so much fun when he's at my moms everyone spoils him. Yesterday he was "helping" my dad who is restoring a car for fun. I thought he looked so cute.


Sleep Deprived

The past week Gaby has not been sleeping well at night. I think she has day and night mixed up. Last night was the first in a long time that I got 5 hrs of sleep in a row. The night before I let her cry and she fell asleep, after 20 minutes of crying. She has been spoiled bad and its all my fault, I just love to hold her because she is so little , Anthony never really liked to be held, so when night time comes around of course she wants to be held. I have also tried to keep her up during the day, which helped. I can't believe that she'll be a month old on Sunday, time goes by so fast.
Even though I am sleep deprived I am getting my things done. I still cook and clean, and I am not even cranky. I have to say that I am very happy, with bags under my eyes and everything. HAHA! Today I went out with the two kids on my own. We went to the mall and then had lunch with my mom at her job. It was crazy trying to leave the house, it took me at least a hour just to get out of the house. Then at the mall I had Monkey Doodle in the stroller and Gaby in the Kangaroo hanging thing I am not sure what its called. Luckily she is not that heavy and I was able to deal with it. I have not gotten the double stroller yet, and I am not sure that I am going to get one anyway, because the Doodle is getting old enough to walk on his own. But that was my day a little hectic but now I know that I can manage the two out on my own, now I can go out during the day more often then being stuck here at home, not that I don't like being home just some days you have to go out.