Yes it is over.....

So we survived this weekend I have to say that I am very proud of the party, and also HAPPY BIRTHDAY MONKEY DOODLE !! I really have to thank my friend and neighbor "A" for helping me out, and my sister for picking up Anthony and taking him so that I could finish the last minute things for the party.
I wasn't sure about the weather because it rained all week long. We woke up at 6 am to get things started and set up. When we got to the club house the weather was muggy but I was optimistic and after an hour or two it was nice but right before the guest were supposed to be showing up we looked across the lake it was coming right toward us, a bad thunder storm. I thought that the party would be over people might think it was not going to happen, it was a POOL party, you can not have a pool party if it is raining, but after 30 minutes of bad rain and wind it was all over and the weather was perfect, really the day was great, it was the perfect day for the BBQ and to be at the pool.

Anthony enjoyed every minute of it. We had about 55 people almost everyone that RSVP were there.

We even had a party crasher.

We took lots of pictures but we uploaded them to the laptop and it is acting up so I will but them on when we figure it out.
I started to write this post on Sunday, I think I should finish it. So I just have to say that I was very happy with how everything turned out, I can't believe that we have a 2 year old, it feels like just yesterday that he was this little bitty thing and now he can do most thing on his own.


9 days

That is it 9 more days till my Doodle turns 2 years old. Man, I getting old. ANYWAY.....Well pretty much everything is done for his party the only things missing is drinks and food, which can be done the day of or before. The cake has been ordered, its all Cars theme, which he loves. I am amazed on how many people we invited over 80 people, which more than 40% is just family, the rest are friends that we can not invite or we would not stop hearing it. I have sent out 42 invitations, thats insane. It is like I was inviting people for a wedding. I don't think I had this many people invited to our wedding. Monkey Doodle is doing so well, you can tell that he is about to be in the terrible 2 stage, it has already started, and can you believe that he talks back. He amazes me everyday. I have a dilemma Our guest are asking what to get Anthony, and to tell you the truth I don't know what to tell them. He has plenty of toys , really and I just recently went to Macy's and went crazy because they had a great sell on clothes, so he doesn't need clothes. Is it bad to tell them to give them a gift card or certificate or money since he does have a savings account. What would you do? please comment.