New pictures here
It's from a trip we made to Busch Gardens a couple of weekends ago and of our "monkey". And no "monkey didn't go with us to Tampa . He stayed at grandmas.


6 months

Well almost "monkey" will be 6 months old in just 2 days unbelievable. He is amazing, he is growing so fast. He weighs 22lbs and is 28" long, he is quite big for his age but the Dr is not to worried, he says that as soon as he starts crawling and walking he'll thin out, which I have been noticing, his face is not a chunky as it used to be. He eats all his veggies hopefully that won't end but I know that’s a dream that as soon as he realizes that they are good for him he won't eat them any more...lol! He has no teeth yet, but he is drooling a lot. He is very talkative, and this might be a little crazy but I think he said his first word “Mama” my mom was there too when he said it and we both looked at each other in disbelief, after I tried to see if he would say it but it didn’t happen he just laughed kind of like saying gotcha. I can't put any pictures because I can't find the digital camara, but as soon as I find it I will post one.