Delicious stuffed Chicken!

I made a delicious recipe today for dinner, from the Food Network It was really easy. I read the reviews after I had made it, many people said they didn't like it and it was difficult. I didn't feel that way at all. I used the amount the recipe called for and it was the perfect amount for 3 large chicken breast. That feed the four of us and I had leftovers for Jose's lunch tomorrow. Also the kids had seconds, which is always a plus. :)

I did change a few things though. I did not have gorgonzola cheese, I used mozzarella instead. I also did not have bacon so I used a couple of slices of smoked ham chopped up. By the way I found this recipe by searching google the ingredients I had on hand.


Summer camp

Today was Monkey's first day of summer camp. I was a nervous wreck yesterday. I think that's why I couldn't sleep last night. It also didn't help that Jose left on a business trip yesterday until Friday. The summer camp is at Jose job which would be awesome if he were HERE, because then I wouldn't have to drive 24 miles, going there and back, twice a day. The camp opens at 7am until I think 6:30pm. I think it's too long. I plan on picking him up at around 4-4:30. It offers an afternoon snack but they to take lunch or pay $3 per day for lunch there, one field trip a week, and they go to the pool every afternoon. We signed up Monkey for 2 weeks just to see how it goes this year. Every week it's a different theme; we chose Wet-n-Wild, and Things that are gross.

This morning I woke up late. Anthony didn't really want to go to camp, so that was a struggle. We finally left the house. I left my smoothie and forgot to change my shoes. I was wearing my ugly flip flops. As we are getting closer Anthony was almost crying and telling me that he wanted me to stay with him. I told him I would stay with him for a little bit. When we walked in everyone was so nice. There was another little kid, about Monkey's age, he introduced himself and they became instant friends. lol! After that he completely forgot about me, and left with his new friend. :) Gabylicious and I left, when I was almost home I realized that I forgot to give Monkey money for lunch. Ugh! Drove all the way back. :/ Gaby and I saw him through the giant glass windows with a new friend, I suppose. He didn't even notice we were there. :(

I hope he is having a great day, and enjoys this new experience.

Are your little ones in summer camp or do you plan on ever putting them in? Thoughts?


My kids have style.......well, maybe.

I'm writing this post because my favorite blogger wrote about how Butterlump dressed himself today . I thought it was so freaking cute.

I can honestly say that I dressed my kids for maybe 2 years, because after that they decided that they no longer needed me. I don't mind one bit. Actually I absolutely LOVE it. When I was younger and since I can remember I had to wear whatever my mother told me to wear and I hated it. She never let me pick out any of my clothes. We do not have a good relationship, this is just one of the MANY reasons why. Anyway.... I think that letting the monkeys wear whatever they want they learn to be independent. Plus they have awesome style. (well for kids of course, although Gaby does put a little more thought into what she wears.lol!)

We have left the house many times with Monkey wearing plaid short with a striped shirt and flip flops of course. lol! I really couldn't careless what anyone else thinks. To me the only thing that matters is that the monkeys are happy. We have also left the house with both of them wearing costumes. Once they were both in their pirates costume in the middle of spring time. lol! Another time Gaby was Tinkerbell with wings and all. Most people thought it was so cute, because Gaby has the total cuteness package, but occasionally we'd get that judgmental stare. I would just smile and walk right by them. :)

How do you handle your littles ones "style"? :)


Easy Burrito Dinner

I had to write about dinner tonight, because it was so delicious and easy. Plus the kids loved it, which is always good. This is what I had:

1lb of ground beef 97%
1 can of black beans ( no salt added)
1 can of corn (I only used half the can)
2 Very firm roma tomatoes
Fresh cilantro
4 cloves of garlic
Lime juice
1.5 cups of brown rice
2 packets of Sazon Goya (Spanish seasoning)
8 burrito tortillas
Cheddar Cheese

This was not a planned meal. I had ground beef that I was planning on making into hamburgers, but then I didn't feel like having burgers. First I made the brown rice. I just followed the instructions on the bag of brown rice. Also note I made 1.5 cups of uncooked rice which turned out to be too much rice. Next time I'll make half the rice. After the rice was done I put it in a big bowl added about 2 teaspoons of lime juice and cilantro. Yum! At the same time in a different pan I cooked the ground beef with half the garlic and 1 packet of the Sazon Goya. After that was done I put it in a bowl, and used that same pan to heat up the beans with the rest of the garlic and the last packet of Sazon Goya. I then put that in a separate bowl. After I made my own salsa with the tomatoes (chopped small), half a can of corn, cilantro, about a teaspoon of lime juice, salt and pepper. I put the salsa in another bowl. Next I made an assembly line and stuffed the tortillas. Last I placed the burritos on my grill pan (best x-mas gift Jose has given me) just so they could warm up a little, also because I love having grill marks, and a toasty tortilla.



Recently Jose and I decided that we are going to stay in our townhouse. They main reason we wanted to move was because we wanted a better school for Monkey Doodle but 2 weeks ago he got into a new Charter School opening in the fall. We are so excited. Since then we have wanted to improve the house. We've done a lot to it since we have moved here. We've taken all the rug out of the entire house. We put tile floor throughout the first floor and we did laminate floors on the stairs and in the bedrooms.
This past weekend I was looking at Ikea online and I saw some things that I would like for the kitchen. Our townhouse doesn't have enough storage space. My pantry was overflowing and nothing bothers me more than clutter. We got ready and headed to Ikea I found an awesome bookshelf , a wine rack, and a shelf. I needed more counter space too. I had all my small kitchen appliances on the counter and it felt cluttered.
There was a small accident when Jose and I finished building the bookshelf. We were flipping it over to stand it up, it slipped and landed on my toes. It was very painful. I ended up going to an Urgent Care Center where they took x-rays and luckily we found out I had no broken bones, but I did have to wear one of those ugly shoes for 3 days.
Anyway, unfortunately I have no pictures of what the kitchen looked before but trust me you aren't missing much. :0)
This little improvement cost under $140. The bookshelf was $70, the wine rack and the shelf above the bookshelf was about $20 and the green baskets, from Target, were $10 a piece. This improvement has made a big difference in the kitchen, I love it. It almost made me want to sleep in there the first night. :0)


It's not just shampoo.

As a stay at home mother, I'm in charge of all the bills. Well actually I pretty much have to care of everything. I find the best deals for everything. I use coupons and buy things on sale. I put myself last in everything. I don't buy clothes or shoes or anything that I actually need, until recently. I have decided that I need to take care of ME. So before we went on vacation I took $200 and went clothes shopping for ME. I got 3 shorts, 4 shirts, and 2 pairs of shoes. BTW I only spent $150 of the $200. I know I must be crazy, not to spend all of it. I just couldn't use it all. Especially since I got more than I thought I was going to get. Little steps. lol!
The other day I needed shampoo so on my weekly grocery shopping I decided that I did not want or deserve the cheap one. I bought the shampoo that I used to use before we had kids and I LOVE it. Its the little things.


Happy 4th Birthday!!

Today my little princess turns 4. I seriously can't believe it. She talks waaay too much. She acts like she is much older than she is.


Love, your mommy


Home, sweet, home.

We are back !! We left Friday morning (4/29) to Gainesville, FL. Jose graduated from the University of Florida with a Masters in Electrical and Computer Engineering. We are so proud. On Saturday we started our week long vacation at Disney World, of course. We decided to celebrate Gaby's birthday and Jose's graduation where all dreams come true. Hopefully I will be able to blog about everything we did and ate while we were away. This trip was the first time we did the Disney Dinning Plan. I hope to include some great tips. We also had an incident with a Disney Employee that I hope will never happen again.



To move, or not to move that is the question.

As many know from past post we live in a Townhouse we bought almost 7 years ago. This was before we thought we would have a monkey born a year later. lol! It's a 2 bedroom 2 1/2 baths. The monkeys share a room which wasn't so bad before but now that Monkey goes to school Princess keeps him up. not okay! We don't want to sell because we won't even get enough to pay off what we owe. So we were thinking of renting it out and we'll rent a bigger house. BUT we have to fix a lot of little things in the house. We have to paint and I don't wan to fix the house and then give it to someone else to live in. Know what I mean. We have also thought about making our 2 bedroom into a 3 bedroom. When we bought this place you could have the option of either one, but since we weren't planning on staying here long we didn't go for it. I'm not sure how much it will cost, the kids bathroom need to be redone and the tub needs to be moved and plumbing changed, which is not cheap. We only want to stay in South Florida until hubs is done with his obligation (about2-3 yrs)from work because they paid for his Master, which he'll Graduate from next month. Also a big big thing is I LOVE Monkeys school, so does he. Seriously I have no idea what to do. I sometimes hate to be an adult and make responsible decisions. Another plus is if we stay here we can save money which is something we haven't been able to do because we have been paying off debt. I need a backyard for the kids, we need more room to move around. aggh! who wants to buy us a house. PLEASE! LOL! Sometimes I wish I played the lottery. I only want $300k, I would give the rest away. seriously!



I hate cleaning bathrooms. When we bought our Townhouse I hated that we had more toilets than bedrooms. Until recently I would complain. We went to NY for Christmas and New Years. We stayed with family the whole time. With 2 of of my aunts actually. One which lives in a 1 bedroom apartment that the living room was turned into a second bedroom. Our entire family was great, let me just get that out. I am not complaining! My aunt gave us her bedroom and the 4 of us slept there. That first night we waited in line to use the bathroom. lol! There was 9 of us in this apartment, yes NINE with only one bathroom. We were there for about 4 days, then we stayed with my other aunt who has the a Townhouse. We definitely had more room to move around but again only ONE bathroom for 9 people. When we got home I was never so happy to not have to share a bathroom with ANYONE. How about you? How do you feel about just having one bathroom or multiple?


Scariest Day of my life

Lets start from the beginning. Jose and I both bought some Groupon deals for Barnes and Noble, $10 for $20. Awesome deal!!! We decided we were going to get the kids some Dr. Seuss books. We chose to go on Tuesday night. Jose came home early which is very out of the ordinary but if you know Jose he would live in a Barnes and Noble if it were possible. lol! We had dinner and off we went. We get a spot pretty close to the store. BTW our Barnes and Noble is ALWAYS packed. Jose unbuckles Anthony and I get Gaby and she fuckin takes off running. Jose and I yelled and then I see an SUV coming right at her. I run towards her just in time. The SUV must have heard me scream because it stop just centimeters from us. I bring her back to my car, I calmly tell her not to run on the street EVER again. I fuckin lose it after that. I started shaking and crying. Even now I can't fathom if things had been different. I start hyperventilating. NOT GOOD! My anxiety level has gone up a lot. I fear everything, ever since the plane incident. I have to go. I'm taking Gaby to the Nature Park.