Being a grown up sucks sometimes

For a couple week now Jose and I decided that we want to move out of our Townhouse and rent a bigger house. The problem with that is that we have to fix our place before we can even rent it out and look at other places. We know of some friends of friends that have the perfect house for us and the rent is just what we want but they need someone to move in in the middle of next month. That is just impossible for us. Plus Jose doesn't want to move until he finishes school next spring, but I don't think that I can wait. We NEED more space. We are supposed to go to Key West next month, and I am really close to cancel the trip so that we could move but I really want to go on vacation. See being an adult SUCKS!!! decisions, decisions.

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  1. Love your blog! My children are grown.. and I have just returned to school.. going to finish up at the community college head to ASU then on to Grad School at age 50! My dream... to graduate from Columbia School of Law.... You have inspire me.