Insane is how I can describe my life right now. We just have so much going on. Anthony is acting up more than usual. I can't keep my eyes off of them for more than a minute because if i do I turn around to a disaster. The other day while trying to clean the downstairs the kids completely soaked the rug in their room with water and Gaby had taken her diaper off (another story) and peed in the wet rug. I also haven't been feeling that great I think it's exhaustion. I can barely eat, even thought I am hungry. I think it could be some sort of stomach flu.

We are still waiting to get the check to fix the house from the flood that happened over a month ago. Hopefully we can get it soon. I tired of my house looking like crap. We have decided that the money we get back from taxes we are going to use to finally get rid of the carpet. We are pretty much stuck in this townhouse for a very long time. Some neighbors have short sale theirs for more than half of what we paid. Which totally SUCKS!!

So about Gaby and her issues with diapers. Lately she will remove her diaper and put on underwear she then pees on herself. She refuses to go to the bathroom but doesn't want to wear one. Very frustrating. I ask her to put a diaper on and she says no that she wants to pee in her underwear.

I wish I had more time to write it does help when I am stressed out. Hopefully when Anthony starts school I can have a little more time.


  1. Hi,

    Thanks for making a comment on my blog.

    I can completely relate to your "Insane" post. My son, Reece, is 100% action these days, and sometimes it drive me crazy.

    Especially tonight, when I was trying to pack for Costa Rica!

    Take care,


  2. Hey, there! I stumbled across your blog and I can tell you with complete confidence, "I feel your pain, sister!" . I have 4 children who are NOW 15, 13, 10 and 8...but they weren't always that old. They have peed on rugs, taken fish out of fish tanks and fed them to the dog, thrown diapers away once we got to church and then peed on THEIR rug...etc etc etc.

    Girlfiend, this WILL pass...I promise. Just take ONE DAY AT A TIME...or one hour at a time...or one minute at a time and TRY to make the most of these days. Take lots of pictures and find one utterly hysterical thing about your chaos. One day you WILL laugh...I do...I did then and I do now

    A (((hug))) from a blogger friend...

  3. Awww well I hope everything gets better soon!!