Not enough time

I always want to blog but I just can't seem to have the time. With Anthony in school, I thought things would get easier but no, just more things pop up. We are getting ready to go away for our Winter Break, to NYC. I'm so excited. I miss NY and my family, of course. I also love NY around X-Mas time. It is just so beautiful.

So what have I been up too. I've been watching my ex neighbors kids twice sometimes three times a week. She is actually one of my close friends and I am extremely mad that she sold her Townhouse across the street and is actually moving to GA tomorrow.

There is so much going on this weekend we have a party my SIL is having. Then on Sunday we are going to pick strawberries with some our friends and their kids. The following weekend we have another party and Sunday I'm hosting a breakfast for the family. I usually do something before we go off on vacation, and the family gives the little ones gift and stuff. Then we leave Monday. DRIVING, that is correct we are driving to NYC. Yes, we are crazy! (You should know that by now.) I'm feeling a little anxiety. I'm getting a little scared about the frozen road but I'm sure we'll be fine.
I have to go the lil one's need a nap.

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