Stop the Clock

The other day I was looking at Gaby and Anthony play and I couldn't believe how big they are getting. Then I realized that Anthony is going to start Pre-School next month and he will be FIVE years old in September. Isn't that insane. Yes, he will be the oldest kid in class because to start Kindergarten in Florida you have to be 5 by September 1st. oh well..I can live with that, plus it will be good for him. I don't think that he is ready for kindergarten anyway. Anthony will be going to a PRE-K at an elementary school and a bus will pick him up; which freaks me out a little.
Gaby will start PRE-K next year, and then I don't know what to do with all my extra time. I think I might go back to work maybe part-time. If I can even find a job. The truth is that it would be nice to have extra money but I don't think that the money is worth the time. ahh! I don't know will see what happens. What would you guys do?

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  1. My baby will be starting Kindergarten in the Fall and I am faced with the dilemnas 1. How did my baby get to be 5 so quickly? and 2. What in the world am I going to do now that she'll be in school full time?! I don't "need" the money but I ride horses and pay board for my 2 horses. So I feel like contributing would be a good will gesture toward the hubby who's been financing my pricey hobby for years. I only want part-time and only during school hours. Do they make wonderful, magical jobs like that, that pay a lot of money? Sigh...