So for our family the birthday season has started. Jose birthday is on Tuesday 4/27. His cousin's son birthday is 4/30. My brothers 5/5, yep 5 de Mayo. lol! I can't wait until he is 21 to corrupt him. ;) Our very own Gabylicious 3rd birthday is 5/10. My in laws are 5/4 and 5/13. Jose's cousin's other son is 5/20 and one of my close friends is 5/24. For this month I sometimes think I should get a job to keep up with presents. Also this year I added my sister in law's baby shower on 5/22. I know, I must be crazy!! It the only time I could have the baby shower because in early June we are going to TX. How Fun! I know aren't you jealous!! (sarcastic voice) A story for another time. BTW Jose want to drive there. please someone shoot me now.


  1. WOWZER! Sounds like you have a busy month ahead!

    Take care!


  2. There is nothing that compares with celebrating so many birthday's !
    It's the most beautiful feeling that you can get...you get a lot of Birthday gifts, and that's sow good!

    Happy birthday to you all!