I think I might just be losing my f#%# mind. My kids are seriously driving up the F$%@ wall. Today has been a H.O.R.R.I.B.L.E. day. Gaby wont stop crying. She crys for anything, and Monkey isn't helping. He keeps messing with her. I am seriously counting down the days until he starts school. I am looking forward to more time to keep up with the house and just handling one kid. It is so frustrating. I think that I might be going to some sort of depression because I don't feel right. I lose my temper pretty quietly and I have no patience whatsoever. I am going to NY in April just for the weekend to be with my sister on her birthday. It is just me going. I really need this break. That's that I have to get back to the chaos.


  1. :/
    te quiero mucho Martha.

  2. Thank you sweetie! That means a lot to me right now, you have no idea.

  3. M.V. - I have 4 children....one of whom CRIED HER FREAKING HEAD OFF FOR 3 YEARS!! Serioulsy...I would out my fingers in my ears and cry myself. AND THEN, my husband taught her how to alpine ski and the constant crying STOPPED. She still cried easily - but nothing like what we had gone through for so long. SO...what if you changed things up a bit? Did something crazy new? Maybe you ARE in a funk (I know I have been several times and it's so easy when you are in the trenches of raising babies!) and maybe the entire house needs a change up.

    OR...stay home and change things up!! Change around the furniture in their rooms and change the routine (implement a mandatory 2 hour rest period from 1-3)...and during that time you cuddle with each of them alone (so that they get their "mommy time") and THEN...crazy idea...you do somethng just for YOU...maybe just plop down in front of the tv...with no one crawling on you.

    I'm praying for you, my blogger friend!! I know where you are in parenthood and I promise this phase passes...