I hate cleaning bathrooms. When we bought our Townhouse I hated that we had more toilets than bedrooms. Until recently I would complain. We went to NY for Christmas and New Years. We stayed with family the whole time. With 2 of of my aunts actually. One which lives in a 1 bedroom apartment that the living room was turned into a second bedroom. Our entire family was great, let me just get that out. I am not complaining! My aunt gave us her bedroom and the 4 of us slept there. That first night we waited in line to use the bathroom. lol! There was 9 of us in this apartment, yes NINE with only one bathroom. We were there for about 4 days, then we stayed with my other aunt who has the a Townhouse. We definitely had more room to move around but again only ONE bathroom for 9 people. When we got home I was never so happy to not have to share a bathroom with ANYONE. How about you? How do you feel about just having one bathroom or multiple?

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