My kids have style.......well, maybe.

I'm writing this post because my favorite blogger wrote about how Butterlump dressed himself today . I thought it was so freaking cute.

I can honestly say that I dressed my kids for maybe 2 years, because after that they decided that they no longer needed me. I don't mind one bit. Actually I absolutely LOVE it. When I was younger and since I can remember I had to wear whatever my mother told me to wear and I hated it. She never let me pick out any of my clothes. We do not have a good relationship, this is just one of the MANY reasons why. Anyway.... I think that letting the monkeys wear whatever they want they learn to be independent. Plus they have awesome style. (well for kids of course, although Gaby does put a little more thought into what she wears.lol!)

We have left the house many times with Monkey wearing plaid short with a striped shirt and flip flops of course. lol! I really couldn't careless what anyone else thinks. To me the only thing that matters is that the monkeys are happy. We have also left the house with both of them wearing costumes. Once they were both in their pirates costume in the middle of spring time. lol! Another time Gaby was Tinkerbell with wings and all. Most people thought it was so cute, because Gaby has the total cuteness package, but occasionally we'd get that judgmental stare. I would just smile and walk right by them. :)

How do you handle your littles ones "style"? :)

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