I have been think a lot lately about my blog. I been thinking about what I should write about. There are many things I have on my mind but I just don't have the time. I wish I did. There is so much going on and I really want to get my opinion out there somehow. When I first started this blog it was more for my family to know what was going on when we were in Minnesota. Now I am not really sure anymore. I know that my family doesn't read it anymore. I have thought about just deleting it completely, but I really don't want to do that. So what I think I am going to do is write a journal and maybe from there I can transfer it to here. Hopefully that will be better.

What has been going on lately:

My monkey doodle turned 4 yrs old last month. I can not believe it. We did not have a party because again this year he wanted to go to Disney. My mom did have a small BBQ for him when we got back. We stayed at Disney Caribbean Beach Resort. We got the pirate room, and Anthony loved it. We got to Disney on Monday September 21. We were only planning on going to a park on his birthday, because he went in free and Gaby doesn't pay yet. I had heard that Disney had a free ticket for Military and family and friends got in at a cheaper price. So when we were going to buy our tickets I asked and Jose qualified for a free 5 day ticket, yes free 5 day ticket, and mine was $105 for a 5 day ticket and we upgraded Anthony's birthday ticket to a 5 day for ONLY $33. We were very surprised. I wish I had known for sure that we qualified for this we could have gone to a park everyday we were there. We went to two parks while we were there Magic Kingdom, and then Epcot. The rest of the time we spent it at the Resort pools. The kids loved them. We even went to the Saratoga Springs pool once and it was very nice. The best thing about staying at any Disney resort is that you are allowed to use any of the pools and ANY resort, and we don't have to drive anywhere. They have buses that take you were ever you want to go, and the service is amazing. The only problem that we had was my purse got lost on our last day, luckily there was no cash in it, just my ID and debit card. Which I canceled as soon as I realized that it was missing. Anthony had an great time. He is at the perfect age for Disney he can get on most of the rides now. Everyday we were there they would pass out by the time we would get back to our room which was great. They had no issues staying asleep, and in the morning they were ready for the whatever we did. I don't even remember if we ever had any melt downs while there. Here are some pictures. Enjoy!

On our first day going to the resort pool.

Anthony enjoying the kiddie pool.

he was doing great. Going on all the slides. Usually he is scared, and doesn't want to try anything. I am so proud of my monkey.

Every time we went under the bridge Anthony would do this and of course Gaby would copy. They are so cute.

Waiting to get on the carousel. It was a hot day but since it was a Wednesday, there was not that many people and the lines weren't long.
This is all I can post right now I have to feed the kids lunch and put them down for a nap.

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  1. You should make a Flickr account for all the photos we have.