Back to work

Earlier this week I got called again from the office I was working at earlier in the summer. The called to tell me that they need me for a month. I said yes but that I need more money since I was putting the kids in daycare. My sister is back in school and found a job so I can't use her anymore. I found someone that will come to my house which is great, but I still don't feel happy about it. I am not looking forward to going back to work but I could really use the money since we have two trips coming up in the next 2 months and we would like to go to NYC for our winter vacation. They are thinking of hiring me for a part time position. They would like me to go work every couple of months. I thought I would be done with this dilemma. I really just want to stay home. It so much more stressful when I am not here. Jose tries to help out but it is not the same. I want to be here, but I can't say no to the money.


  1. Like the new look

  2. I clicked on all the ads just for fun, but it took me a few minutes to get all of them, thanks to that I now have 3 Phd Diplomas from Pheonix University, a subscription to Popular Mechanics, and a new Car. Thank you internet!

  3. lol! you are crazy!