So the kids have been doing great. The only issue is that he talks really really fast. So most of the time I have to tell him to slow down, especially when he is upset. Since I have stopped working I noticed that he is more mature. He is more reasonable then before. He no longer takes naps which I am fine with because he just goes to bed earlier and without too much of a fuss. Next month he will turn 4 years old. I can't believe it. We have decided to go back to Disney. I rather spend the money there than do a party here. I just think we could enjoy it more. Having a party is way too stressful. Plus Anthony gets in free because of it is his birthday and Gaby doesn't pay yet. I love Disney it really seems that magic happens there. Plus since we are Florida residents we get awesome discounts. We are hoping that it is not too busy. We are going during the week we leave a Tuesday and come back Friday. Anyway...I have been teaching Anthony how to write his letter and he has been doing really well. We try to do that every morning for about an hour. He has also been asking to go to school. I keep telling him when he gets bigger and everyday he says that he is bigger and that he should go. He is done with diapers in the day time. At night he wears pull ups but they are mostly dry. I am so glad we are done with one kid with diapers, we are really saving money.

Gaby is doing awesome too. She is talking up a storm. She picks words up a lot fast than Anthony did when he was her age. She makes full sentences. She is learning her numbers and letter with Anthony. She eats A LOT. I am so glad that I keep them very active because if not I would be worried. Not really because what she mainly eats is a lot of fruit. We have been thinking about getting the kids bunk beds. I am a little worried that Anthony might use it as a jumping point. Gaby is still sleeping in the crib but she has almost completely destroyed it. Plus we need more room for them having a crib and a toddler bed is a lot for a small room. There is so much that has gone, but I can't really remember plus the kids are up and i have to find something to do with them. I have no idea what to do today. Maybe the park for a picnic.