Worst Birthday ever!

Yesterday was my birthday and it was the worst day. First Jose is in Chicago again. The weather was horrible. It rained ALL DAY LONG. The icing on the cake Anthony had a 103.3 fever. Let start from the beginning. Saturday Gaby just did not look like herself. I took her temperature and it turned out that she had a 100.8 fever. We gave her Tylenol. Sunday she was feeling a lot better. Sunday Jose was not feeling well. Jose went to a Dr, in Chicago and it turned out that he the flu. Monday morning Anthony was fine but later that day my sister told me that he was starting to feel warm. When I got home he had dinner and threw up a little but continued to eat after that. I gave him Tylenol and by the time he went to bed he was doing a lot better. The next day he slept in until 11, which almost never happens. When I got home he was laying on the sofa shivering so I decide to take his temperature and it was 102.9. I called the Dr. they told me I had to bring him in. When I got there I had trouble about the insurance. I hate insurance companies, they are my worst enemies. Finally after an hour calling Jose and the insurance company it was straighten out. It turned out that Anthony had a very bad ear infection. Anthony got a prescription for antibiotics. This is Anthony's first ear infection ever. Also Gaby's first fever. The Dr., we saw, was very surprised.She was the after hours dr, we had never meet her before. When I went to fill the prescription I had issues again with the fucking insurance company. It was after hours so they were no longer open. So I said fuck it I'll pay for it my self and then the pharmacist did not want to fill it because the dose was too high for a 3 yr old, and we couldn't get in touch wit the Dr. I almost started to cry at the pharmacy. It was just a very stressful day. We finally got to bed at around 11:30. Thanks to my sister, she helped me. She even slept over. Not everything was bad my mom did bring dinner and my brother made a cake for me. I called the Dr. today and got the prescription for Anthony. He is feeling a lot better today more like his normal self.
*Funny story: When I was parking at the Dr. office Anthony asked
"where are we going?"
me: The dr.
Anthony: Mom. look, look I feel better. I don't need Dr.
He said it it such a cute way I almost wanted to go back home. He really dislikes going to any dr.

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