I miss being home.

So, I started the job at my mom's office. It is not a hard job, really. It is so easy. Only that I have to deal with stupid people. I thought that was only at my old job but I guess not. I have realized that I love staying home with my monkey's. I miss them so much. I catch myself wondering a lot of the time, what they are doing, what they are having for lunch? I love that my sister can watch them, at least they are with family. I don't like that I get home between 6-6:30. Usually by this time I have already made dinner and getting the kids ready for a bath. It sucks that it is almost 8:30 and we just had dinner and the kids are still awake. I am glad that I am making some extra money but I rather be home with my monkey doodle. I have also been rethinking my major. I don't like working in an office. Who knows maybe I'll change my mind after I have my degree and am my own boss. I noticed that most of the attorney's work from home, which is really nice. I only have 7 more weeks of this. Hopefully we can get into a better schedule. I do have to say that I love how my monkey's run to me when I pick them up. I love their little happy faces.

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  1. So, in reading this blog I was thinking it's really cool how you have monkeys. But judging by your thing saying you're a mother of two, I guess you mean your kids. Which is great, kids are wonderful -- especially when you need someone to carry the shopping. However, I would have slightly preferred if you had actual monkeys.

    Maybe you could get some monkeys. I'm sure the kids would approve.